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Item Item Crafting Formulas

More will come soon. Signed Zero728.

# Name Reg Materials Price
001 Recovery Grass Y Grass x05 2500
002 Remedy Herb Y

Recovery Grass x05

Divine Branch x01

003 Relief Grass Y

Grass x10

Recovery Grass x10

004 Relief Herb Y

Relief Grass x05

Unicorn Horn x01

005 Relief Kraut Y

Relief Grass x10

Relief Herb x10

Generation Crystal x01

006 Magic Herb Y Cure Grass x05 1000
007 Revitalizing Herb Y

Cure Grass x10

Magic Herb x10

Unicorn Horn x01

008 Elixir Y

Remedy Herb x05

Revitalizing Herb x05

Generation Crystal x01

009 Elixir of Life N Relief Kraut x05

Elixir x03

Lapis Noster x01

010 Blessed Fruit Y Blessed Leaf x05 5000
011 Blessed Flower Y

Blessed Fruit x05

Moon Fragment x01

012 Fragment of Life Y

Blessed Leaf x05

Blessed Fruit x05

Moon Fragment x01

013 Stone of Life Y

Fragment of Life x05

Magic Crystal Chip x01

014 Vessel of Life N Stone of Life x05

Magic Crystal Chip x01

Lapis Noster x01

015 Silver Bullion Y Silver Ore x05 500
016 Platinum Bullion Y Platinum Ore x05 2500
017 Mithril Y Mithril Ore x05 5000
018 Orichalcum Y Orichalcum Ore x05 10000
019 Flame Soul N Element of Flame x05 2000
020 Ice Soul N Element of Ice x05 2000
021 Thunder Soul N Element of Thunder x05 2000
022 Wind Soul N Element of Wind x05 2000
023 Earth Soul N Element of Earth x05 2000
024 Darkness Soul N Darkness Element x05 2000
025 Light Soul N Element of Light x05 2000
026 Flame Crystal N Flame Soul x05 7500
027 Ice Crystal N Ice Soul x05 7500
028 Thunder Crystal N Thunder Soul x05 7500
029 Wind Crystal N Wind Soul x05 7500
030 Earth Crystal N Earth Soul x05 7500
031 Dark Crystal N Darkness Soul x05 7500
032 Light Crystal N Light Soul x05 7500