Welcome to Agarest War 2 True End guide. As you suspect there will be minimal spoiler possible while trying to obtain the true end. It is possible to get every CG and item in one playthrough. Please note that the LP factor of the guide is only an estimate and only there as a guide as how much you should have around. Note that using the bath house minigame is mandatory for achieving the true end.

True End Requirements

  • Jainus marries Chloe in Generation 1
  • Ignis marries Cynthia in Generation 2
  • High Level relationship throughout the whole party (affection level 5 or 6)
  • See all Fiona and Eva events
  • Doubtlessly side with Chaos at the end

Siding with Mobius at the end will trigger the bad ending. Either doubtfully siding with Chaos or doubtlessly siding with Chaos but not meeting all the true end requirements will trigger the normal ending.

First Generation




Requirements Conversation Choices





Limit Point (LP)
Mablayers Aina & Jainus join the party -- 1st Eva 0

Aina 2

Eva 0

Jainus 1