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In Digest Mode of Agarest War 1 none of the choices you make will impact the story. You are forced into the True End Route and so the Light/Dark meter no longer has any purpose. Turns and regular battles have been removed entirely. The primary focus now becomes Affection rates of the brides, the canon choice being selected for you at the end of generation.

This should get you all digest events for your Event log as well as max all affection rates on all girls except Ryuryu. I've tried several Fourth Gen playthroughs to perfect it but the final choice is too large a hit and someone will always dropped back to 4. Too much early choice swapping results in missing Ryuryu's Event, so I just had to settle with it.


I declined to participate in the Hot Spring events solely for the Affection increases, but do not worry. The event will show up in your Event log if you wish to watch it right after.

First Generation

Location Event Note Fyuria Luana Elaine
Mimas Fyuria joins the party 2

Zalzagun Fortress

Fight against Zerva and Winfield Don't KO Zerva. 2
Zalzagun Fortress Talk with Zerva, choose a path to Rigulus Bypass. 3
Kushina Valley Luana joins the party 3
Rigulus Making a deal with Gunther Accept. 2 4
Rigulus Leo buys a doll for Fyuria 3
Rigulus Luana takes Leo to her bedroom 5
Chalcis Fyuria and Luana flirt with Leo Can't answer. 4 5

Luana's clothes don't fit

Luana Event!
Managua Plain Winfield thanks them, choose a path back to Rigulus Kayastraus path. 5 5
Harvel Pass Choose which path to take to Rigulus Head to Rigulus. 5 5
Harvel Pass Leo helps Luana or Fyuria Help Fyuria 5 5
Harvel Pass Leo talks with Fyuria Ask about Zerva. 5 5
Reganu Pass Meet up with Elaine, choose course of action Head to Mudas 5 5 4
Foothill Town Choose what Elaine should do at Mudus Gate Allow. 5 5 5
Trosia Highland Elaine's cooking makes Leo sick 5
Zalzagun Fortress Choose path to Gridamas Capital Mudus River. 4 5 5
Garana Wilderness Choose who to talk to Find Fyuria. 5 5 5
Fuvelmill Lake, North Leo talks to Fyuria Look for stars. 5
Fuvelmill Lake Luana gives Fyuria a massage Fyuria Event!
Grimoire Way, North Hot Spring Refrain. 5 5 5
Gridamas Capital Melchior makes a proposition to Leo Fight 1-on-1. 5 5 5
Foothill Town Elaine is hot and drunk Elaine Event!

Second Generation

Location Event Note Valeria Yayoi Sherufanir
Nagigahara Fight against Valeria Don't KO Valeria.
Old Yamato Republic Yayoi joins the party 3
Ryulent Forest Yayoi makes onigiri with imitation shrimp I don't much care. 4
Renda Town Choose to go to Fensarril or take a detour Coast route.
White Sand Road Sherufanir joins the party 3
Seyroot Way Sherufanir's monthly episode Follow her. 3
Seyroot Way Ladius chooses whether to participate Uh... 3
Valtore Bay Yayoi feels sick Console her. 4 4
Closed Forest Yayoi tells Ladius' fortune with a vine Middle. 5 5
Furyum Daryl Valeria joins the party 4
Furyuna Way Valeria and Ladius spar Swing mid.


Shandarion Plains Valeria interrupts Ladius' massage Very tired. 5 4 5
Seibal Forest Valeria has a bug in her cleavage Valeria Event!
Kishuna Road Fork Sherufanir gets tied up during her monthly episode Sherufanir Event!
Kishuna Road Ford Ellis gets drunk, Ladius talks to Valeria Yes, there is. 4 4 5
Venabail Highland Ladius and a heroine get naked in a cave Valeria's face. 5 4 5
Assim River Upstream Sherufanir talks to Ladius about running away 5
Assim River Upstream Hot Spring He may not go. 5 5 5
Furyum Daryl Negotiate with Urian Gladly accept. 5 5 5
Fensarril Republic Yayoi eats roast ham Yayoi Event!

Third Generation

Location Event Note Lavinia Faina Noah
Tweda Forest Lavinia joins the party 1
Ku Kaatje Thoma attempts to woo Lavinia Go for the kill. 2
Silver Ceiling Faina joins the party 3
Visra Channel Choose course of action Like true men. 3 3
Tweda Forest Choose destination Head for Pallene. 2 4
Aulis Lake Noah joins the party 3
Dusk Hill Noah and Thoma search for treasure Option: 2,1,2,1,3 4
Kenna Field, East Faina passes out Get some rest. 5
Palaminus Lake Lavinia gets soup spilled on her Lavinia Event!
Lyonrendas Choose a route to Tlalocan Ginnunga path. 3 5 3
Tlalocan, City of Gods Talk to Midas, make a deal About the rebels. 3 5 4
Tlalocan, City of Gods Lavinia and Thoma go shopping for jewelry 4
Ewabarl Shivan Noah shows Thoma her artifacts Leave it alone. 5 5 3
Lyonrendas Alberti talks to Mercer, choose course of action Gilga Zeyon. 4 5 4
Gilga Zeyon Talk to Reinbach, choose course of action Make for Musoi. 4 5 5
City of Aulis Thoma cleans the heroine's room Refrain. 4 5 5
Schardt Bell Snowfield Noah shows Thoma her letters Perhaps not. 5 5 5
Lus Soleil Faina passes out again 5
Tweda Forest Faina runs to build stamina Faina Event!
Dusk Hill Noah does her stretches Noah Event!
Frozen Wood Hot Spring Shake your head. 5 5 5
Lus Soleil Thoma follows Lavinia and Faina I must know... 5 5 4
Lus Soleil Thoma makes a promise to their mother Fulfill destiny. 5 5 5

Fourth Generation

Location Event Note Hilda Silvi Ryuryu
Tenedos City Choose how to find the fruit Take steep path.
Cannus's Tear Silvi joins the party 3
Cape Town of Nillea Hilda joins the party 1
Cittilia Channel Duran and Hilda ride the waves in a small boat 2
Crystal Lake Halulu Atea path. 3 4
Eriswil Ryuryu joins the party 2
Halulu Atea Duran and Silvi get their fortune told Elven fortune. 4 3 2
Pirate's Point Ryuryu tells someone's fortune What will happen. 4 3 3
City of Rabat Salle Duran whines and complains Look to Ryuryu. 3 3 4
Villers le Lac Duran is possessed by Winfield 4 4 5
City of Rabat Salle

Duran eavesdrops on Ryuryu

City of Rabat Salle Ryuryu drops her books Ryuryu Event!
Jalfa Fortress Hilda is afraid to go in the cave Go with her. 5 5
Konolfingen Duran gets sick 5 5
Pirate's Point Silvi gets wet Silvi Event!
Pirate's Point Duran is alone with someone after tsunami Look for Silvi. 5 5 5
Crystal Lake Hot Spring Doubt him. 5 5 5
City of Rabat Salle Choose how to save Hilda Kilik saves her. 5 5 4
Tenedos City Hilda wears a swimsuit Hilda Event!

Fifth Generation

Not much to do here now that affection is gone.

  • Sharona and Dyshana events removed from Digest Mode!