Agarest Zero - Titles

Known bug

Title 112 Bug

  • One of the requirements, killing 4 Dullahans, is incorrect. You must actually kill 4 (or 5) Dryads. This bug is hard to notice because if you work on title 106 first, which requires 5 Dryad kills, you'll never see it unless you double check in your monster picture book.


The list below shows all the titles that you can earn. To complete a title, you must meet its requirements in order to earn a reward for the title you selected. There are a few Achievements/Trophies that track your progress. Good luck in earning all of the Titles!

Title Number Title Name Conditions Rewards
Gold PP TP Items
1 Dare Devil Defeat 50 enemies 2000G 4PP 10TP

Fragment of Life x2

Blast x1

Flame Element x3

2 Amateur Defeat 100 enemies 3500G 4PP 10TP

Platinum Ore x3

Speed Up x1

Divine Branch x1

3 Expert Defeat 250 enemies 5000G 6PP 20TP

Flame Crystal x2

Speed Up+ x1

Essential Arts 8 x1

4 Slayer Defeat 500 enemies 10000G 6PP 30TP

Moonlight Flower x1

Gaia Attack x1

Damascus x1

5 Berserker Defeat 1,000 enemies 15000G 8PP 50TP

Sword of Kings x1

Essential Arts 18 x1

Essential Arts 19 x1

6 Shogun Defeat 1,500 enemies 25000G 8PP 75TP

Max. HP Up x1

STR Up x1

Secret Arts 16 x1

7 Murderous King Defeat 2,500 enemies 50000G 10PP 100TP

Asura x1

AGI Up+ x1

Moon Fragment x1

8 God of Destruction Defeat 4,000 enemies 100000G 12PP 150TP

Kounodaki x1

LUK Up+ x1

9 Beginner Win 10 battles 1000G 4PP 10TP

Grass x3

Cure Grass x3

Merciful Strike x1

10 Fighter Win 100 battles 2500G 4PP 25TP

Storm x1

Unicorn Horn x1

Essential Arts 12 x1

11 Gladiator Win 250 battles 5000G 6PP 40TP

Light Crystal x2

Lightning x1

Overdrive x1

12 Battle Maniac Win 400 battles 10000G 8PP 50TP

AGI Up x1

Max. HP Up x1

Meteoric Iron x1

13 Dominator Win 600 battles 25000G 10PP 75TP

Agito x1

Magic Crystal Chip x1

LUK Up+ x1

14 War God Win 750 battles 50000G 12PP 150TP

Heaven's End x1

Lapis Noster x1

VIT Up+ x1

15 Muscle Flexer Deal over 5k total damage 1000G 4PP 10TP

Fire x1

Capture x1

Earth Element x3

16 Attacker Deal over 50k total damage 2500G 4PP 20PP

Mystic Rod x1

Ice Vein x1

Secret Arts 7 x1

17 Buster Deal over 100k total damage 5000G 6PP 30TP

Stone of Life x2

Moon Fragment x1

Secret Arts 9 x1

18 Avenger Deal over 250k total damage 10000G 6PP 40TP

Seed of Happiness x1

Glacier x1

Secret Arts 17 x1

19 Destroyer Deal over 500k total damage 25000G 8PP 50TP

AGI Up x1

Misty Guard x1

Divine Branch x2

20 Obliterator Deal over 1M total damage 50000G 10PP 100TP

Gridarvolr x1

STR Up+ x1

Suzaku's Ring x1

21 Annihilator Deal over 5M total damage 100000G 12PP 150TP

Cat Punch x1

INT Up+ x1

22 Novice Deal over 50 hits 2500G 4TP 10TP

Recovery Grass x3

Impulse x1

Magic Crystal Chip x1

23 Rookie Deal over 100 hits 5000G 4PP 25TP

Battle Frame x 1

Stamina Up+ x 1

Essential Arts 15 x 1

24 Ace Deal over 150 hits 10000G 6PP 50TP

Thunder Crystal x2

Lightning Attack x1

Secret Arts 12 x1

25 Expert Deal over 200 hits 20000G 8PP 75TP

King's Emblem x1

Max. HP Up+ x1

Secret Arts 18 x1

26 Combo King Deal over 300 hits 30000G 10PP 100TP

Byakko's Bracelet x1

STR Up+ x1

Proof of Valor x1

27 Enlightened One Deal over 400 hits 50000G 12PP 150TP

Chaos Frame x1

Extra Frame x1

AGI Up+ x1

28 Part-timer Possess over 2,500G 100G 4PP 10TP

Steal x1

Silver Ore x3

Wind Element x3

29 Born Businessman Possess over 10,000G 500G 4PP 10TP

Magic Up+ x1

Silver Bullion x3

Unicorn Horn x1

30 Parvenu Possess over 100,000G 1000G 5PP 20TP

Stone Shower x1

Mithril x3

Proof of Valor x1

31 Merely Wealthy Possess over 500,000G 2500G 6PP 30TP

Earth Crystal x2

Orihalcum Ore x3

Shadow Sting x1

32 Millionaire Possess over 1,000,000G 5000G 7PP 40TP

True Emblem x1

Generation Crystal x1

Orichalcum x3

33 Multi-millionaire Possess over 5,000,000G 10000G 8PP 50TP

Seed of Happiness x1

AGI Up x1

VIT Up x1

34 Dream Chaser Possess over 10,000,000G 25000G 10PP 150TP

Rusty Ring x1

STR Up x1

Max. HP Up+ x1

35 Novice Summoner Combine monsters once 500G 4PP 10TP

Cure Grass x3

Power Up x1

Darkness Element x3

36 Tamer Combine monsters 5 times 1500G 4PP 20TP

Magic Herb x3

Deadeye x1

Proof of Valor x1

37 Breeder Combine monsters 10 times 3000G 6PP 30TP

VIT Up x1

Drain Energy x1

Wild Coliseum x1

38 Summoner Combine monsters 25 times 5000G 8PP 50TP

Bird Eye x1

Gravitation x1

Damascus x1

39 Top Breeder Combine monsters 50 times 10000G 10PP 100TP

STR Up x1

INT Up x1

Dark Ray x1

40 Experimentalist Perform smithing 10 times 1000G 4PP 10TP

Magic Up x1

Ice Needle x1

Thunder Element x3

41 Smithing Maniac Perform smithing 50 times 2000G 4PP 20TP

Chicken Egg x2

Mithril Ore x3

Magic Crystal Chip x1

42 Alchemist Perform smithing 100 times 5000G 6PP 30TP

Remedy Herb x3

INT Up x1

Proof of Valor x1

43 Alchemy King Perform smithing 200 times 10000G 6PP 50TP

Requiem Bracelet x1

Dark Crystal x2

Marfile Seed x1

44 Composition Master Perform smithing 300 times 25000G 8PP 75TP

Enchanted Knife x1

LUK Up x1

Damascus x1

45 Alchemy Meister Perform smithing 500 times 50000G 10PP 100TP

Rusty Bracelet x1

STR Up x1

LUK Up x1

46 Starving Student Enhance 50 times 1500G 4PP 10TP

Earth Needle x1

Wind x1

Ice Element x3

47 Penny Pincher Enhance 100 times 2500G 4PP 20TP

INT Up x1

Flame Edge x1

Unicorn Horn x1

48 Recycling Maniac Enhance 250 times 5000G 6PP 30TP

Panacea Herb x2

Fireball x1

Proof of Valor x1

49 Ecologist Enhance 500 times 10000G 6PP 40TP

Requiem Bracelet x1

Ice Crystal x1

Charged Blast x1

50 Tree-Hugger Enhance 1,000 times 20000G 8PP 50TP

Cruel Frame x1

Meteoric Iron x1

INT Up x1

51 Source of Wisdom Enhance 2,000 times 30000G 10PP 100TP

Rusty Sword x1

VIT Up x1

AGI Up x1

52 Initiator

Unleash the apostle's power

(Finish Generation 1)

10000G 4PP 20TP

Max. HP Up x1

Lucky Charm x1

Secret Album 1 x1

53 Soul Successor

Defeat the lingering darkness

(Finish Generation 2)

50000G 6PP 30TP

INT Up+ x1

Shiny Fang x1

Secret Album 2 x1

54 Harbinger of Fate

Evil lurks between the worlds

(Unlock the Boundary Plane)

100000G 10PP 150TP

E. O. M. x1

Hell's Banquet x1

55 Fortunate One

A snippet of one girl's life

(See all the regular events with the girls)

1000G 25PP 150TP

Secret Album 107 x1

Secret Album 108 x1

56 Dionysus

Fairies frolicking in steam...

(See all three Hot Springs Scenes)

1000G 25PP 150TP

Secret Album 109 x1

Secret Album 110 x1

57 Golden Warrior

Unify the vessels of light

(Complete Digest Generation 1)

2500G 4PP 10TP

Shield Sword x1

Max. HP Up x1

Secret Album 117 x1

58 Crimson Champion

End conflict with divine light

(Complete Digest Generation 2)

5000G 4PP 20TP

Partisan x1 AGI Up x1

Secret Album 122 x1

59 Seeker of Love

Seek the azure mother's glow

(Complete Digest Generation 3)

7500G 4PP 30TP

Katoyanga x1 LUK Up x1

Secret Album 125 x1

60 Seeker of Twilight

Board the ship of light to death's door

(Complete Digest Generation 4)

10000G 5PP 40TP

White Frame x1

STR Up x1

Secret Album 128 x1

61 Warrior of Truth

Seek out the garden of undeniable truth

(Complete Digest Generation 5)

15000G 6PP 50TP

Crescent Moon x1

INT Up x1

Secret Album 132 x1

62 Beholder of Truth

Abandon all lies and embrace truth

(Defeat Chaos, Boundary Edge #2)

65000G 10PP 150TP


VIT Up x1

Secret Album 130 x1

63 Well Prepared Possess 10 Grasses, 10 Cure Grasses 1000G 4PP 10TP

Revitalize x1

Heal x1

Divine Branch x1

64 Herb Maniac Possess 10 Recovery Grasses, 10 Magic Herbs 2500G 4PP 20TP

Elude x1

Power Up+ x1

Light Heal x1

65 Lifeguard Possess 7 Remedy Herbs, 7 Revitalizing Herbs (Pancea) 5000G 4PP 25TP

Max. HP Up x1

Restore x1

Proof of Valor x1

66 Worrywort Possess 10 Fragments of Life, 3 Divine Branches 7500G 4PP 25TP

Platinum Bullion x3

Stamina Up x1

Resurrect x1

67 Over-Insured Possess 7 Stones of Life, 3 Unicorn Horns 10000G 4PP 25TP

Wind Crystal x2

Rejuvenate x1

Proof of Valor x1

68 Paramedic Possess 5 Vessels of Life, 3 Moon Fragments 25000G 4PP 25TP

Marfile Seed x1

Focus x1

Resurrection x1

69 Ore Hunter Possess 10 Silver Ores, 10 Platinum Ores, 5 Silver Bullions, 5 Platinum Bullions 5000G 4PP 10TP

LUK Up x1

Divine Attack x1

Magic Crystal Chip x1

70 Appraiser Possess 10 Mithril Ores, 10 Orichalcum Ores, 5 Mithrils, 5 Orichalcums 10000G 4PP 25TP

Requiem Frame x1

Vessel of Life x2

Proof of Valor x1

71 Alchemist Possess 3 Magic Crystal Shards, 3 Pieces of Damascus, 2 Meteoric Iron PIeces, 2 Generation Crystals, 2 Lapis Noster Stones 25000G 6PP 50TP

Resurrection x1

Cure All x1

Proof of Valor x1

72 Immoral Alchemist Possess Forbidden Tome 1 5000G 4PP 25TP

VIT Up x1

Esoteric Book 8 x1

Proof of Valor x1

73 Lucky One Possess 1 Lucky Dagger, 1 Holy Symbol, 1 Kismet Ring 1000G 4PP 10TP

Fragment of Life x2

Burst Hit x1

Meteoric Iron x1

74 Researcher Possess 5 Contracts, 5 ragged Robes, 5 Bug Whistles, 2 Chicken Eggs, 5 Sharp Fangs 2000G 4PP 10TP

Demonic Scythe x1

Temperor x1

Accessories 2-A x1

75 Fiery Chef Possess 5 Lizard Tongues, 3 Hell Flames, 5 Lizard Tails, 5 Venom Needles 3000G 5PP 20TP

Seiryu's Sword x1

Gospel x1

Weapons 2-C x1

76 Magic Anchor Possess 1 Magic Blade, 1 Magic Frame, 1 Force Charm 5000G 5PP 30TP

Magic Frame x1

Spark Shot x1

Proof of Valor x1

77 Collector Possess 1 Damascus Sword, 1 Damascus Spear, 1 Damascus Scythe, 1 Lucky Charm, 1 Requiem Bracelet 7500G 5PP 30TP

Ankh Horn x1

Bracelet of Feicui x1

Deadly Blow x1

78 Meister Possess 3 Slumberland Flowers, 3 Wind Slicers, 5 Corals, 3 Insoluble Ice Pieces 10000G 6PP 40TP

Three Stars x1

Ray x1

Weapons 4-B x1

79 Item Hunter Possess 1 Ymir's Claw, 1 Durandal, 1 Mugen's Claw, 1 Bracelet of Feicui 15000G 6PP 40TP

Silent Cross x1

Nightmare x1

Moon Fragment x1

80 Necromancer Possess 3 Poisonous Scales, 3 Requiem Bells, 5 Feathers of Maat, 5 Ominous Necklaces, 5 Necros Stones 20000G 6PP 50TP

Bijou Root x1

Max. HP Up+ x1

Weapons 4-C x1

81 Damnable Chef Possess 3 Squid Tentacles, 5 Forbidden Fruits, 5 Evil Eyes, 5 Poisonous Stems, 5 Devil Tails 25000G 6PP 50TP

Shiny Fang x1

VIT Up+ x1

Weapons 4-D x1

82 Golem Mechanic Possess 3 Iron Masses, 2 Heart Stones, 3 Iron Gears, 3 Magic Armors, 5 Old Hammers 30000G 7PP 50TP

Genbu's Gauntlet x1

Whispered Dream x1

Ancient Smithing 4 x1

83 Sword Flash Possess 3 White Dragon Scales, 3 Earth Pulses, 3 Thunder Stones, 3 Evil Dragon Claws 40000G 7PP 75TP

Dragon Wing x1

Big Black x1

Damascus x1

84 Treasure Collector Possess 3 Amethyst Magatamas, 5 Bloody Pearls, 5 Aqua Stones, 3 Wind Emeralds 50000G 8PP 75TP

Chicken Ring x1

VIT Up+ x1

85 Hero's Legacy Possess 1 Gram, 1 Aegis, 1 Mighty Ring 65000G 8PP 100TP

Rusty Sword x1

Imperial Guard x1

Suzaku's Ring x1

86 Four God's Aegis Possess 1 Genbu's Gauntlet, 1 Seiryu's Sword, 1 Byakko's Bracelet, 1 Suzaku's Ring 65000G 8PP 100TP

Rusty Bracelet x1

Might Ring x1

Kounodaki x1

87 Chicken King Possess 1 Rapid Sword, 1 Funky Chicken, 1 Chicken Ring 255555G 8PP 150TP

Rusty Ring x1

Levitation Stone x1

Lapis Noster x2

88 Fledgling Defeat 12 Hornets, 10 Hell Dogs, Lesser Bats 1000G 4PP 10TP

Grass x3

Ascension x1

Light Element x3

89 Greenhorn Defeat 10 Imps, 10 Lycanthropes, 10 Lizard Men 2000G 4PP 20TP

LUK Up x1

Equinox x1

Divine Branch x1

90 Quixotic Warrior Defeat 10 Lamias, 12 Gremlins, 12 Night Hounds, 4 Dragons 3000G 5PP 20TP

Moonlight Flower x1

Amplify All x1

Moon Fragment x1

91 Hunter Defeat 4 Devil Tentacles, 12 Earth Knights, 8 Garms, 5 Tyrants, 12 Phantoms 5000G 5PP 30TP

Phantom Bracelet x1

Critical Charge x1

Nightmare Prison x1

92 Great Hunter Defeat 10 Devil Cancers, 4 Yetis, 4 Black Dragons, 12 Bone Warriors, 4 Dragon Zombies


6PP 30TP

White Frame x1

Square Cross x1

Heaven and Hell x1

93 Ace Hunter Defeat 8 Flame Knights, 8 Ice Knights, 12 Wraiths, 4 Trolls 15000G 6PP 40TP

Railgun x1

Thunder Spike x1

Smithing 4-B x1

94 Legendary Hunter Defeat 12 Medusas, 4 Devils, 12 King Werewolves, 12 Dark Knights, 12 Arc Knights 25000G 7PP 50TP

Divine Guard x1

Crystal Bracelet x1

Ancient Smithing 2 x1

95 Forest Hunter Defeat 8 Big Crabs, 12 Mandrakes, 12 Iron Scissors, 10 Mandragoras 2000G 4PP 10TP

Zanbato x1

Issen x1

Accessories 1-A x1

96 Neophyte Explorer Defeat 12 Mummies, 15 Skeletons, 15 Mummy Men, 12 Bone Soldiers 2500G 4PP 20TP

Unicorn Horn x1

Solid Caliber x1

Proof of Valor x1

97 Fairy Hunter Defeat 16 Faires, 16 Pixies, 16 Mabs 3000G 4PP 20TP

Magic Hand x1

Atomic Hole x1

Weapons 3-B x1

98 Adroit Adventurer Defeat 16 Slimes, 16 Green Mousses, 16 Cold Gels, 16 Water Puddings 10000G 5PP 30TP

Divine Lance x1

Rush Beat x1

Accessories 3-C x1

99 Beast Slayer Defeat 16 Werecats, 16 Werewolves, 8 Cat Ladies, 16 Zombiewolves 7500G 5PP 30TP

Resist Frame x1

Crimson Edge x1

Proof of Valor x1

100 Gray Sorcerer Defeat 8 Mages, 16 Red Mages, 16 Warlocks, 16 Great Sorcerers 7500G 5PP 40TP

Force Frame x1

Crimson Attack x1

Proof of Valor x1

101 Ultimate Explorer Defeat 16 Grand Mummies, 6 Gigantes, 16 Basilisks, 6 Cerberus 15000G 5PP 40TP

STR Up+ x1

Stardust x1

Meteoric Iron x1

102 Solar Spirit Defeat 16 Fire Spirits, 12 Thunder Spirits, 16 Light Spirits 20000G 6PP 50TP

Crystal Bracelet x1

Dark Bracelet x1

Ancient Smithing 1 x1

103 Lunar Spirit Defeat 16 Water Spirits, 12 Wind Spirits, 12 Earth Spirits, 16 Dark Spirits 25000G 6PP 50TP

Divine Guard x1

Bracelet of Light x1

Ancient Smithing 3 x1

104 Sky Lord Defeat 16 Slayer Bee, 6 Cockatrices, 1 Golden Bat, 6 Griffins 30000G 8PP 75TP

Triple Feather x1

Silpheed x1

VIT Up+ x1

105 Ruler of the Seas Defeat 16 Death Crabs, 16 Lizard Lords, 4 Krakens 30000G 8PP 75TP

Khatvanga x1

Aura Ring x1

INT Up+ x1

106 Rainbow Guardian Defeat 6 Mandrake Roots, 14 Titanias, 5 Dryads 30000G 8PP 75TP

Hermes Ring x1

Dismal Sylph x1

INT Up+ x1

107 Mystic Killer Defeat 16 King Slimes, 14 Rafflesias, 15 Lamia Queens, 14 Kaiser Slimes 30000G 8PP 75TP

Hydropain x1

Debilitating Ring x1

Max. HP Up+ x1

108 Destroyer of Magic Defeat 16 Magic Lords, 16 Rune Masters, 16 Dark Mages, 12 Ancients 30000G 8PP 75PP

Heaven's End x1

Clairvoyance x1

STR Up+ x1

109 Angelic Slayer Defeat 16 Angels, 16 Angel Knights, 16 Dark Angels 30000G 8PP 75PP

Angel Wing x1

Angel Halo x1

LUK Up+ x1

110 Exorcist Defeat 10 Vampires, 10 Vampire Ladies, 16 Revenants, 16 Reapers 30000G 8PP 75PP

Halper Scythe x1

Black Bustier x1

AGI Up+ x1

111 Beast King Defeat 16 Rakshasas, 5 Diabolos, 4 Shadow Fenrir, 4 Ouroboros 45000G 8PP 75PP

Beast Sense x1

Chaos Frame x1

LUK Up+ x1

112 Duelist Defeat 6 Chariots, 4 Guardians, 6 Cyclops, 4 Dullahans 45000G 8PP 75PP

Extra Frame x1

Ogre Ring x1

Max. HP Up+ x1

113 Demon Slayer Defeat 16 Death Knights, 16 Greater Devils, 12 Demon Lords, 4 Thanatos 45000G 8PP 75PP

Demon Frame x1

Prometheus Ring x1

AGI Up+ x1

114 Dragon Hunter Defeat 6 Silver Dragons, 4 Fafnirs, 3 Yellow Dragons, 3 Arc Dragons 65000G 8PP 75PP

Dragon Ring x1

Dragon Frame x1

Kounodaki x1

115 Rare Animal Hunter Defeat 2 Mieshas, 2 Mucranes, 2 Luijts, 1 Clione 255555G 10PP 150TP

Princess Bustier x1

Princess's Tiara x1

116 Esoteric Accession Collect all Secret Arts books 10000G 8PP 75TP

Oboro x1

Bijou Root x1

Revive x1

117 Bonds of the Heart Collect all the Esoteric Books 25000G 8PP 150TP

Big Black x1

Whispered Dream x1

E. O. M. x1

118 Weapon King Collect every type of weapon 65000G 12PP 150TP

Genbu's Gauntlet x1

STR Up+ x1

Secret Album 111 x1

119 Schneider Collect every type of armor 65000G 10PP 100TP

Byakko's Bracelet x1

VIT Up+ x1

Secret Album 112 x1

120 Ringmaster Collect every type of accessory 65000G 10PP 100TP

Suzaku's Ring x1

AGI Up+ x1

Secret Album 113 x1

121 Perfectionist Collect every type of item 65000G 12PP 100TP

Seiryu's Sword x1

INT Up+ x1

Secret Album 114 x1

122 Proficient Learn every available skill 25000G 6PP 100TP

Revive x1

LUK Up+ x1

Proof of Valor x1

123 Nihilistic Void

Trapped in the realm of nothingness

(Defeat Nil, Boundary Plane #2)

50000G 8PP 100TP

Ancient Smithing 5 x1

Rose Emblem x1

Princess Sigil x1

124 Cursed Bloodedge

Stop the dark blade that feasts on souls

(Defeat Cursed Sword,
Boundary Plane #3)

50000G 8PP 100TP

Funky Chicken x1

Sacrifice x1

Book of Meditation x1

125 Magic Bird Tuner

Cast the magical avian to the earth

(Defeat Lindwor,
Boundary Plane #5)

60000G 10PP 100TP

Hunter's Title x1

Black Soul x1

Divine Smithing 1 x1

126 Caustic Emperor

Slay the demon with the caustic touch

(Defeat Glarva,
Boundary Plane #4)

50000G 10PP 100TP

Heavenly Body x1

Silence of Nirvana x1

Divine Smithing 2 x1

127 Devourer of Worlds

Stop the demon king who'd raze the world

(Defeat Teomedra,
Boundary Plane #6)

65000G 10PP 125TP

Book of Philosophy x1

Metaphor x1

Divine Smithing 3 x1

128 Warlord's Blade

Destroy the wandering blue sword

(Defeat Rune Blade,
Boundary Plane #8)

65000G 10PP 125TP

Spiritual x1

Rune Blade Shard x1

Divine Smithing 4 x1

129 Dragonlord's Wrath

Defeat the emperor of the dragon clan

(Defeat Kaiser Dragon,
Boundary Plane #9)

65000G 10PP 125TP

Royal Soul x1

Rigveda x1

Divine Smithing 5 x1

130 Devilsbane

The fallen angel rules the netherworld

(Defeat Satanael,
Boundary Plane #10)

65000G 10PP 125TP

Tardis Gate x1

Sorcery Core x1

Princess Blood x1

131 Ultimate Weapon

Destroy the dark doll that brings death

(Defeat Vermillion,
Boundary Plane #11)

65000G 10PP 150TP

Quicksilver x1

Devil Ore x1

Oreichalkos x1

132 Right Arm of Ruin

I rule the hand that desires destruction

(Defeat Right Arm of Vermillion,
Boundary Plane #11)

15000G 8PP 50TP

Morning Star x1

Rainbow Shard x1

Geometry x1

133 Left Arm of Death

I rule the hand that desires commorient

(Defeat Left Arm of Vermillion,
Boundary Plane #11)

15000G 8PP 50TP

Maumet Figurine x1

Meteor Ore x2

Chronos x1

134 Divine Beast

Kill the beast that slew the divine

(Defeat Astral,
Boundary Plane #12)

65000G 10PP 150TP

Auto Matter x1

Matrix Core x1

Book of Smithing x1

135 Elder Dragon King

Defeat the holy immortal dragon

(Defeat Holy Dragon,
Boundary Plane #13)

75000G 12PP 200TP

Juon Flame x1

Saint's Tears x1

Memorial Radiance x1

136 Sunrise Cockerel

One who calls out to the dawn

(Defeat Decimal,
Boundary Plane #7)

100000G 12PP 200TP

Ventriloquism Book x1

Calinou's Smithing x1

Secret Album 115 x1

137 Nightshade

Child born of the ecstasy of the dark

(Defeat Mila,
Boundary Plane #14)

100000G 12PP 200TP

Sa Angerial x1

Pulrauka x1

Eye of Muad'Dib x1

138 King of Darkness

One who blankets the world in darkness

(Defeat Summerill,
Boundary Plane #15)

100000G 12PP 200TP

A Perfect Circle x1

Xhosa-Materia x1

Divine Smithing 6 x1

139 Alien King

A ruler summoned from another world

(Defeat Valduke,
Boundary Plane #17)

100000G 12PP 250TP

Sylph's Sigh x1

Tsui Scale x1

Divine Smithing 7 x1

140 Guardian God

God of Craft and Trade

(Defeat Mercury,
Digest Gen. 1 God)

150000G 15PP 250TP

Secret Album 120 x1

Secret Album 124 x1

Secret Album 127 x1

141 Star God

Goddess of Spirit and Revenge

(Defeat Nemesis,
Digest Gen. 4 God)

150000G 15PP 250TP

Secret Album 133 x1

Secret Album 134 x1

Secre Album 135 x1

142 Goddess of Fate

Goddess of Fortune, Desire, and Fate

(Defeat Deeth,
Digest Gen. 3 God)

150000G 15PP 250TP

Secret Album 121 x1

Secret Album 136 x1

Secret Album 137 x1

143 God of War

God of Conflict and Domination

(Defeat Mayastia,
Digest Gen. 5 God)

150000G 15PP 250TP

Secret Album 123 x1

Secret Album 126 x1

Secret Album 129 x1

144 Time Lord

God of Time and Space

(Defeat Möbius,
Boundary Plane #16
not the Digest Gen. 2 God)

150000G 15PP 250TP

Mark of God x1

Mercury's Smithing x1

Secret Album 118 x1

145 Lord of Dark Night

God of Death, Rejuvenation, and Darkness

(Defeat Chaos,
Boundary Edge #2)

150000G 15PP 300TP

Secret Album 116 x1

Secret Album 119 x1

Secret Album 131 x1

146 Ruler of All Master all there is to master 250000G 150PP 500TP

Rapid Sword x1

Funky Chicken x1

Chicken Ring x1

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