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Auto-Mode with word on top left

What is Auto-Mode?

The Auto-Mode feature in this game has two different features. One is to allow the player to view the cut-scenes in the game without having to click the A-Button. Second, it allows the players to have the computer fight for him/her.

What does the Auto-Mode do during Cut-Scenes?

When you enter a cut-scene, press the Select-Button and you'll hear a chime. On the top right hand corner, you'll see the word "Auto" and a little image of Ellis walking. In "Auto" mode, the player can read the dialouge boxes at normal pace without pressing the A-Button to go to the next. Another feature in while in a cut-scene is the "Skip" feature. By pressing the X-Button (PS3 [square]), the player is able to skip the dialouge boxes at a very fast pace. This option is for those who don't want to watch the cut-scene or who have already seen it. It's goes by fast--just like fast forward. The third feature is the "Stop" feature. By pressing the B-Button (PS3 [circle]), the player can stop viewing the dialouge boxes all together. The player will only be able to view the character's bodies and hear their voices. They'll see the sprites moving and doing their thing as well.

What does the Auto-Mode do during Battles?

Sometimes you just want to stop fighting. You want to relax for a bit, but wish you can finish the fight while resting. RoAW gives you a neat option...but with some side effects. The auto-mode will have the computer go through all of the fight for you. Here what I found: after the computer places your characters in their boxes, click the Select-Button quickly. You'll hear a chime and the "Auto" word will appear on the top left side of the screen. Immediately, the characters start to move of their own. You just need to sit back and, well, watch.

Pros and Cons of the Auto-Mode during battles.

While having the computer do the work for you can be fun, it can prove...irritating to watch as well. The auto-mode is formatted with the AI of the enemy. You have to admit, but the computer can do some foolish things. For example, in auto-mode one of your characters may use the move Earth Needle on a foe that has the Float willpower. We all know that Float negates protruding attacks such as Earth Needle. You know you wouldn't waste AP on something like that, but the computer on Auto-Mode would. Another example is when you watch a character heal an enemy in the midst of combat. What if you were facing Earth Knights? They absorb Earth type moves. On auto-mode, there is a good possibility that the character like Ladius would use the move Earth Spike and heal his enemy.

The Auto-Mode seems to use the same pattern as any enemy in battle mode, so it's possible that the party members act like the enemy AI, so it's possible that some warrior type of characters will not be linked to the other. It will be frequent to see characters like Borgnine not conected to the other party members. The AI will not choose attack to avoid counter attack that could be dangerous in combat.

But Auto-Mode isn't all that bad. While in this mode, you'll see the characters link attacks that you've never seen before. Thus, adding to your Esoteric Book. It will put a smile on your face to see the computer filling up the book without you doing much work. Another plus side, but can get annoying at times is the way the computer overkills. We know that there are monsters that drop items when overkilled and its a good idea to shoot for that. With the computers on auto-mode, they REALLY overkill the opponent. Consider it a double-tap, but with multiple attacks. You may be sitting there and watch them go after one little slime and use up all their AP. It's good depending on how you look at it.

One more note, you can exit out of Auto-Mode after the Action Phase.

  • You can press select before going onto action phase after you moved all your characters yourself to activate auto battle, or press select right before the computer finishes moving to turn off autobattle and fight with how the AI positioned your characters. If you use it properly you can move all the characters yourself and let the AI battle for you