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Baltimorerealtorinfo Baltimorerealtorinfo 9 June 2014

Getting Industrial Real Estate - Now Or Never!

Industrial True Estate Acquiring

Provided the state with the economy many are saying that now will be the ideal time in years to purchase industrial true estate. Vacancy prices are up, rates of interest are down which provides buyers the uncommon opportunity to negotiate an excellent deal on price and terms. Even though banks are requiring much more proof of revenue and we've got returned for the 80/20 formula of the past (80% financed - 20% down), the interest rates of 6-7% make up for any added pain caused by the lender's specifications.

Although lenders have grow to be a bit a lot more stringent in their requirements (rightfully so) and environmentalists have clarified their expectations of what a correct "industrial" web page should be, …

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Findwiainfo Findwiainfo 6 June 2014

Division Of Employment Services - The Best Spot To begin A Job Search

There are a million folks seeking for jobs, at this moment and as we speak, and though a number of men and women may well get the jobs they may be looking for for through various techniques, really several consult the Division of Employment Solutions of their state to acquire help in getting the correct job that can be finest for their abilities and needs. Every single state of the United states of america has a division of this sort and though, naturally, it varies a bit in each state with regard to what's provided and process of delivering services to their clients, the general aim of all of the employment service departments remain the same, i.e., helping staff and employers get together for mutual advantage.

Variations the distinct Depa…

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Getgymlockersinfo Getgymlockersinfo 4 June 2014

Remember a couple of Points When Buying Lockers More than the internet

Lockers might be of many shapes and sizes which will be used in the workplace as well as household. When purchasing you'll want to keep in mind a few factors to ensure that you don't make a negative get. These are a secure and safe signifies of storing your significant personal belongings. The initial factor that comes to your mind is the fact that you've a appropriate location where it is possible to hold all your important points. These are located mostly in schools and colleges and today they are located in offices as well.

These secure storage products are obtainable in wood metal and plastic. As a result, you may opt for your products accordingly. They can be painted in a colour of one's personal option. An acceptable item will certain…

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Roller12 Roller12 4 April 2014



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MarkvA MarkvA 21 June 2012

Agarest War Starters Guide

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Komic Komic 7 July 2011

Another Admin

As people may know, Byuusen has given me fellow admin right. If Byuusen isn't availible at the time please don't hesitate to ask me, particularly with stuff like what happened this morning. I thank you all for your support with this amazing wiki and this fantastic group of Agarest fans.

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Bahamut38 Bahamut38 6 July 2011

Watch for continued updates as I progress along.

I recently beat the perfect end storyline on Agarest Zero and have entered The Boundary Plain. I will log all monster encounters through every map and update the monsters page, as well as updating the alchemy sections since I have about 60 more things unlocked then the current page has. Be patient with me - I'll try to make a couple edits a day.



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Byuusan Byuusan 30 June 2011

Changes to Agarest War Wikia

As Everyone knows (Or did not know) Im currently the new admin as Alice In Game has gone MIA. Im attempting to add the new infomation for Agarest War Zero into the Front page, so we do not get Agarest War 1 and Zero mix into the same pages. For now if you have seen this is the first beta attempt to add it. Please note this is most likely not the final version and if i must i will rollback it to what Alice in game had it. As you can see tehr eis some blank pages and other things suchs as that. Please if you can contribute add the pages and add the infomation we need in them. Thank you in advance.

It is Done, Complete, you get everyone, yea yea yea. Same with Agarest War 2, when ti comes out.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'll take them i…

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Alice in game Alice in game 9 June 2010

Item drop

Wathman and me are actualy talking about a theory under the item drop system. I will resume it with our results, but the complete discussion is here and here.

As you know, there is 4 ways to get items from monstres while in fight; Kill, Overkill, Steal and Ex steal.

The theory is that each ennemy have one overkill item, a set of "normal" items and a set of "rare" items. When you steal, you take one item from the "normal" item pool. When you Ex steal, you take one item in the "rare" item pool. The Kill drop will come from any of the two item pool. The only way to get the Overkill item is to overkill the monster. The overkill items are often "unique" items (they are found on one monster only).

After some experimentation, we can suppose that if …

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Alice in game Alice in game 6 June 2010

Main page and wikia customisation


First, I want to thanks Bal-Sagoth who give me the admin access.

My first action as admin was to delete many unused pages and pictures. However, keep in mind that any deleted page can be re-created or restored if needed.

The real purpose of this post is to talk about two things, the main page and the general aspect of the wiki.

My actual proposition to the main page is here (under welcome to agarest wikia). The changes are the following

  • Game cover on one side only (better for smaller screen resolution like 1024x768)
  • Each row now have two sections (like combats is now combats and characters.
  • Rename "Arts List" page to "Skills List" and name the link "Skills"
  • Add a Skill crafting link (page to create)
  • Add Stragety link (page to create)
  • Add Races and…

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Alice in game Alice in game 4 June 2010


Hi everybody,

As you might notices, the Agarest wikia is getting bigger and better. However, as you might noticed, we have no active admin on the wikia.

Right now, there is 3 bureaucrats (two of thems are also admins) in the wiki. These users are Bal-Sagoth, Erellisae and Yangwenli. Bal-Sagoth is the only one with recent changes in the wiki (may 19th) and he logged-in two days ago, he have about 150 edits. The two other did not login for more than 3 months.

I left messages to Bal-Sagoth asking him to give me the admin rights, be he did not answer back.

I want to request an official "adoption" for Agarest wikia : delait here. However, I need the consent of the Agarest wikia community.

I want to be the admin to do the following

  • Delete the unwanted…
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Bal-Sagoth Bal-Sagoth 12 March 2010

New administration

As you are all aware by now, first administrator Yangwenli, one of the creators of this here wikia is retiring.

I am still waiting for news from second administrator AkemiMaemi.

The point of this announcement is to introduce me, not as a user, but as the new administrator of this tiny community.

Basically, it will have no impact whatsoever, except that I'm generally available in less than 12 hours, if a problem should arise I can act quickly, and also help people in trouble with the game.

We covered almost everything with the game, I probably will create a few new sections when I play Agarest again, to be a really complete fanbase.

I'll be watching the evolution of the serie, the PS3 is supposed to play games of every country, so even if a seque…

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Yangwenli Yangwenli 24 February 2010

Agarest Wiki needs new Administration

First, I'd like to thank everyone who's contributed to this wiki, even in my general absence it seems that contributions have been made and the project hasn't faded away.

I created this wiki because at the time I believed there was a need for all the bits and pieces of knowledge about this huge game to be organised into one place for those who need it. While the wiki is far from complete it now contains tremendous lists of information that I'm sure have helped many players that have come looking for that knowledge.

With the north american release of the game impending, I'm sure the wiki will see a surge of activity both in players looking up information and in contributors. Unfortunately it is beyond my capacity to continue to manage the wik…

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AkemiMaemi AkemiMaemi 29 November 2009

Side Project

Character EX Exhibition Complete

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Yesterday around 4am.... (yes I should of been sleeping) I got this awesome thought of doing a EX move video. Sooo going with the flow I managed to cap all of leonhardt's ex moves and beatrice's. If you guy's have some awesome music you think that will fit the video, send me a message, ill google them. Anyways im about 10% i say with the capping of ex moves. Im also gonna be doing the joint one's as well probably span over 20-30mins. Ill put it onto youtube in 10mins segments. Characters Done.

Leonhardt, Ellis, Borgnine, Vira-Lorr, Fyuria, Zerva, Luana, Winfield…

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Yangwenli Yangwenli 27 November 2009

Progress is progress!

Having barely managed to even get to the game itself most days recently, I've been fairly inactive here, but it's definitely heartening to see the efforts of everyone who's contributing. However little you add, it'll definitely be something that someone will find incredibly useful at some point, given how sparse information on this game is.

Since I've started easing back into the game now, I've decided that my next point of contribution will be to work on the Blacksmith list, and begin to build somewhat of a guide as to where you can obtain some of the more obscure ingredients, as hunting down earlier drops that you've missed/used up for something you want to smith is so very annoying. To do this I'll be using a combination of my in-game bl…

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AkemiMaemi AkemiMaemi 25 November 2009

Random Thought's

Picking  up Complete Monster Listing's. Unfortunatly I'll be doing this in a weird way, I will be doing it from the boundary zone up to lvl 999 monster's then going back down. (Ive got alot of notes I took from my previous playthrough's so I will fill them in as well). I hope you guys can be a little patient with the updating of it as Its a pain to go to each location again. Now some random rants, OMG Muriam is sooo freaking awesom, She come's with absolutely bad stat's but it's her ex3 move that makes her great, it only hits once but its mass aoe, + shes a chick with a gun, who could ask for more!. Ive played about half of the chars, and some seem to shine more than other's, Ellis is awesome period, the only thing bad about her is the fac…

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Yangwenli Yangwenli 6 November 2009

Great job so far!

It looks like this wiki is coming to a slow but steady start.

I'll take this opportunity to thank Erellisae for the arts list, and Serpentslayer for his many contributions to the character pages. Right now it's just important to get as much information as we can on here, so that we can actually have something to organise, so your contributions are invaluable.

Keep up the good work!

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