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Capturing Enemies

Reasons to Capture

Capturing monsters has many benefits:

  1. A captured enemy can be used like any other party member.
  2. A captured monster can be combined with another monster, or traded for an item at the Monster's Guild. 
  3. There are Titles available based on the number of times you combine monsters. These titles give you substantial rewards, like most other titles. 
  4. Captured monsters stay with you through all generations and New Game+ playthroughs completely intact, without ever getting their levels or other characteristics reset (but only if you choose the same difficulty or lower). This is especially useful if you ever find yourself without certain party members you've been using diligently, avoiding a serious loss in party strength.
  5. Captured monsters usually come with a wider range of skill-equipping possibilities, as well as already having all 3 EX Skills.
  6. Captured monsters can also equip normal weapons, depending on the monster type: werewolf-types can equip knuckles, fairy-types can equip rods, imp-types can equip spears, skeleton soldier-types can equip swords, skeleton mage-types can equip scythes, etc.
  7. If you plan on keeping one monster forever, then you know that they will definitely be a worthwhile investment for your PP. The uses for captured monsters are explained in more detail below.

How to Capture

Capturing a monster requires the Capture skill. Capture is a darkness skill, which means you'll need a character with a darkness skill slot to use it. You may only capture a monster when its HP count is 5% of its maximum or lower. Certain enemies cannot be captured (e.g. bosses and human soldiers). It is impossible to capture a monster if it has already been killed (using Capture at the end of a chain of attacks that killed the enemy will not have any effect), but you can capture a monster and then overkill it.

To clarify, using the Capture skill when an enemy currently has between 1 HP and 5% of its maximum HP is the only way to have any chance of success. Even if this condition is met, Capture can still fail. Its success rate appears to be based on the character's LUK attribute and the presence of the "Hunter" and "Poaching" abilities.

Tips for Capturing

There are several ways to improve the success rate and overall efficiency of capturing enemies.

  • Remember that the enemy's current HP must be between 1 and 5% (verified) of its maximum when Capture is used. If it is used at a greater enemy HP, the game gives you a message that the enemy must be weakened. If the enemy has already been defeated (HP 0), nothing will happen at all.
  • The "Hunter" ability dramatically improves the chance of success. Zerva gets this ability very early in the game. With between 10 and 20 LUK, Zerva's success at capturing Second Generation enemies appears to be greater than 50%. Keep in mind this ability must first be activated by having at least 100 SP. Other Will Powers such as "Poaching" (some monsters get this ability) are always active but requires someone to be standing in the extended area of that character to get the bonus. If you do not prefer Zerva for whatever reason, Sherufanir also comes with the "Hunter" ability as well as "Discovery" and "Parry".
  • LUK seems to increase the chance of success. ATK, MAG, and other statistics do not appear to have an effect.
  • Capture leaves the enemy untouched if it does not succeed, so multiple Capture attempts can be done on the same enemy.
  • An enemy can be Overkilled even if it has been captured. You may want to chain more attacks after Capture to obtain the overkill bonus from the monster you're capturing. However, if the Capture fails, you will have killed the enemy and won't get to try Capture on it again.
  • You can only have 6 monsters captured at once. If you capture a seventh, you may choose any of the seven monsters to release while in battle.
    • If you have 6 monsters in your active party then you cannot release any of them and will be forced to release any monsters captured instead.
  • Merciful Strike is a good way to ensure that you don't kill the enemy you're trying to capture when lowering its HP. Merciful Strike does the normal damage of an 8 AP physical attack, but leaves the enemy with 1 HP if it otherwise would have killed it.
  • Both Merciful Strike and Capture can be obtained with Skill Research at the Adventurer's Guild after buying the Essential Arts IV book for 75 TP.
  • Capture has an AOE equal to the user's weapon, so it may be useful to use it with a Scythe, Gun, or Spear. You can attempt to capture multiple enemies at once using this method, but of course each enemy must be within the appropriate HP range to have any chance of success.
  • Monsters will automatically return any items or skills they had equipped if you combine them or discard them.

Using Captured Monsters

Captured monsters can be used like any other party member. They increase their levels and possess equipment and skills. However, whether a captured monster is of any use to a party depends on the individual player's combat style and the specific monster's role and statistics. When captured, monsters do not retain their equipment or skills, and will sometimes even have different skill slots after capture.

Some captured monsters can only use monster weapons, obtained solely through trading in monsters for items(see below). But some monsters can use normal party weapons and not monster weapons! For example, werewolf types are capable of using Knuckles, not monster weapons. However, all monsters can use any armor and any accessory.

There are also caveats to note when using large-size monsters (which take up a 3x3 square space). While helpful for character linking in battle and while capable of attacking 3 enemies or more at once with (normally) single-target skills, large-size monsters can also block your own party characters from reaching monsters. Large-size monsters can also have trouble reaching enemy monsters themselves, depending on their positioning. More large-size monsters on a map (including large-size enemy monsters) leads to more trouble with proper positioning and strategic placement of characters. For example, you may not be able to reach a party member in time to resurrect him/her before the timer runs out!

Trading Captured Monsters

Captured monsters can be traded for items from the Monster's Guild. Normally, these items are either a monster weapon, another piece of equipment, or a precious metal item (such as bullion).

Monster weapons are the main trading item of interest for two reasons:

  1. Trading monsters is the only way to obtain monster weapons, and many captured monsters you use in your party can only equip monster weapons.
  2. Monster weapons, like any other weapon, can be converted into a new item after being enhanced to level 5.

Some monster weapons convert into otherwise unattainable items, such as active skills. Certain items, such as the various bullions, can be worthwhile trades simply for the gold a character gains in such a trade!

Combining Monsters

Two captured monsters can be combined to make a third, effectively destroying the original two monsters. The newly-created monster can be of a lower level, higher level, or the same level as the two component monsters. The created monster can even be of the same species as one of the component monsters!

A monster is created based on a system vaguely similar to the Shin Megami Tensei (Persona, Digital Devil Saga, etc.) demon-fusing systems; however, this system is much less complex. The specific statistics of a component monster don't affect the resulting monster's statistics. But unlike the SMT systems, there may not be an advantage to creating a higher level monster. For example, the monster could become the highest-level member of your party and thus reduce your post-battle bonus!

Another significant note is that some combinations of monsters can create more than one resultant monster. Repeatedly canceling and re-selecting the second component monster and looking at the preview icon is an easy way to determine if your combination can create something else. A second benefit to combining monsters, and possibly more important for some players, is that you can receive Titles based on the number of combinations you've done.

There is no difference between a monster that has been captured, and one that has been created. For example, capturing a level 30 Flame Dog will give you the same level 28 Flame Dog you would have gotten by combining a Werewolf and a Mandragora.

Note that unlocking the Why Did We Play God? Trophy/Achievement requires creating a rare monster such as a Luijt.

Uncapturable Monster Combinations

Monster 1 Monster 2 Result Result Lvl
Dark Mage Magic Lord Ancient
Magic Lord Dark Mage Ancient
Master Golem Ogre Angel Knight 96
Ogre Master Golem Angel Knight 96
Titania Bloody Beast Angel Knight 96
Bloody Beast Titania Angel Knight 96
Medusa Greater Devil Angel Knight 96
Greater Devil Medusa Angel Knight 96
Fafnir Crystal Dragon Arc Dragon
Crystal Dragon Fafnir Arc Dragon
Titan Iron Golem Chariot
Iron Golem Titan Chariot
Gold Dragon Silver Dragon Crystal Dragon
Silver Dragon Gold Dragon Crystal Dragon
Ogre Chariot Cyclops
Chariot Ogre Cyclops
Angel Knight Greater Devil Dark Angel
Greater Devil Angel Knight Dark Angel
Demon Revenant Demon Lord
Revenant Demon Demon Lord
Mandrake Root Medusa Dryad 133
Medusa Mandrake Root Dryad 133
Chariot Magic Warrior Dullahan 142
Magic Warrior Chariot Dullahan 142
Dark Spirit Mist Dragon Evil Dragon 97
Mist Dragon Dark Spirit Evil Dragon 97
Ring Dragon Living Dead Fafnir
Living Dead Ring Dragon Fafnir
Ring Dragon Silver Dragon Gold Dragon
Silver Dragon Ring Dragon Gold Dragon
Medusa Rafflesia Griffin 99
Rafflesia Medusa Griffin 99
Griffin Rafflesia Guardian 98
Rafflesia Griffin Guardian 98
King Slime Master Skeleton Kaiser Slime
Master Skeleton King Slime Kaiser Slime
Ogre Angel Knight King Slime
Angel Knight Ogre King Slime
Death Crab Giant Squid Kraken
Giant Squid Death Crab Kraken
Rune Master Lizard Lord Lamia Queen
Lizard Lord Rune Master Lamia Queen
Angel Mucrane Luijt 91
Mucrane Angel Luijt 91
Rafflesia Ogre Master Golem 93
Ogre Rafflesia Master Golem 93
Ogre Diabolos Ouroboros
Diabolos Ogre Ouroboros
Evil Dragon Rune Master Rafflesia 102
Rune Master Evil Dragon Rafflesia 102
Ogre Silver Dragon Rafflesia 102
Silver Dragon Ogre Rafflesia 102
Medusa Griffin Rafflesia 102
Griffin Medusa Rafflesia 102
Ogre Greater Devil Rakshasa 89
Greater Devil Ogre Rakshasa 89
Ogre Griffin Reaper 105
Griffin Ogre Reaper 105
Angel Knight Rafflesia Reaper 105
Rafflesia Angel Knight Reaper 105
Evil Dragon Griffin Revenant
Griffin Evil Dragon Revenant
Dragon Zombie Bloody Beast Shadow Fenrir 126
Bloody Beast Dragon Zombie Shadow Fenrir 126
Dark Spirit Lesser Demon Titania 92
Lesser Demon Dark Spirit Titania 92
Bloody Beast Rune Master Titania 92
Rune Master Bloody Beast Titania 92
Dragon Zombie Medusa Titania 92
Medusa Dragon Zombie Titania 92
Silver Dragon Medusa Titania 92
Medusa Silver Dragon Titania 92
King Werewolf Wraith Vampire 100
Wraith King Werewolf Vampire 100
Nekomata Lesser Demon Vampire Lady 100
Lesser Demon Nekomata Vampire Lady 100

Capturable Monster Combinations

Monster 1 Monster 2 Result Result Lvl
Big Eye Wolf Dead Angel 45
Wolf Dead Big Eye Angel 45
Miesha Wind Spirit Big Eye 46
Wind Spirit Miesha Big Eye 46
Titania Great Sorcerer Bloody Beast 79
Great Sorcerer Titania Bloody Beast 79
Greater Devil Silver Dragon Bloody Beast 79
Silver Dragon Greater Devil Bloody Beast 79
Pixie Slime Bone Soldier 24
Slime Pixie Bone Soldier 24
Mandrake Root Shadow Fenrir Cat Lady 33
Shadow Fenrir Mandrake Root Cat Lady 33
Mandrake Root Vampire Lady Cat Lady 33
Vampire Lady Mandrake Root Cat Lady 33
Gorgon Demon Whip Cockatrice 57
Demon Whip Gorgon Cockatrice 57
Master Golem Luijt Cold Gel 42
Luijt Master Golem Cold Gel 42
Dragon Zombie Rafflesia Dark Mage 85
Rafflesia Dragon Zombie Dark Mage 85
Silver Dragon Rafflesia Dark Mage 85
Rafflesia Silver Dragon Dark Mage 85
Lesser Demon Demon Whip Dark Spirit 74
Demon Whip Lesser Demon Dark Spirit 74
Titania Bloody Beast Dark Spirit 74
Bloody Beast Titania Dark Spirit 74
Medusa Greater Devil Dark Spirit 74
Greater Devil Medusa Dark Spirit 74
Nekomata Bloody Beast Demon Whip 70
Bloody Beast Nekomata Demon Whip 70
Nekomata Rune Master Demon Whip 70
Rune Master Nekomata Demon Whip 70
Ogre Dragon Zombie Demon Whip 70
Dragon Zombie Ogre Demon Whip 70
Lesser Demon Great Sorcerer Devil 75
Great Sorcerer Lesser Demon Devil 75
King Werewolf Titania Devil 75
Titania King Werewolf Devil 75
Bloody Beast Demon Whip Devil 75
Demon Whip Bloody Beast Devil 75
Army Bee Bone Soldier Earth Spirit 39
Bone Soldier Army Bee Earth Spirit 39
Bloody Beast Shadow Fenrir Earth Spirit 39
Shadow Fenrir Bloody Beast Earth Spirit 39
Living Dead Demon Whip Eye of Devil 62
Demon Whip Living Dead Eye of Devil 62
King Werewolf Dark Spirit Eye of Devil 62
Dark Spirit King Werewolf Eye of Devil 62
Familiar Fire Spirit Fairy 8
Fire Spirit Familiar Fairy 8
Fire Spirit Jumbo Cock Fairy 5
Jumbo Cock Fire Spirit Fairy 5
Fire Spirit Lycanthrope Familiar 18
Lycanthrope Fire Spirit Familiar 18
Fire Spirit Werecat Familiar 18
Werecat Fire Spirit Familiar 18
Mandrake Slime Fire Spirit 15
Slime Mandrake Fire Spirit 15
Lesser Bat Skeleton Fire Spirit 15
Skeleton Lesser Bat Fire Spirit 15
Familiar Lycanthrope Fire Spirit 15
Lycanthrope Familiar Fire Spirit 15
Werewolf Mandragora Flame Dog 28
Mandragora Werewolf Flame Dog 28
Killer Bat Green Mousse Flame Dog 28
Green Mousse Killer Bat Flame Dog 28
Living Dead Demon Whip Gargoyle 60
Demon Whip Living Dead Gargoyle 60
King Werewolf Dark Spirit Gargoyle 60
Dark Spirit King Werewolf Gargoyle 60
Master Golem Luijt Golem 43
Luijt Master Golem Golem 43
Miesha Tyrant Grand Mummy 44
Tyrant Miesha Grand Mummy 44
Nekomata Vampire Lady Grand Mummy 44
Vampire Lady Nekomata Grand Mummy 44
Medusa Shadow Fenrir Grand Mummy 44
Shadow Fenrir Medusa Grand Mummy 44
Ogre Medusa Greater Devil 90
Medusa Ogre Greater Devil 90
Mandragora Night Hound Green Mousse 29
Night Hound Mandragora Green Mousse 29
Night Hound Bone Soldier Gremlin 25
Bone Soldier Night Hound Gremlin 25
Mandrake Lycanthrope Hell Dog
Lycanthrope Mandrake Hell Dog
Cockatrice Demon Whip Iron Golem 64
Demon Whip Cockatrice Iron Golem 64
Mandrake Werewolf Jumbo Cock 20
Werewolf Mandrake Jumbo Cock 20
Great Sorcerer Demon Whip King Werewolf 71
Demon Whip Great Sorcerer King Werewolf 71
Living Dead Demon Whip Lesser Demon 80
Demon Whip Living Dead Lesser Demon 80
King Werewolf Dark Spirit Lesser Demon 80
Dark Spirit King Werewolf Lesser Demon 80
Ogre Medusa Lesser Demon 80
Medusa Ogre Lesser Demon 80
Titania Bloody Beast Light Spirit 74
Bloody Beast Titania Light Spirit 74
Medusa Greater Devil Light Spirit 74
Greater Devil Medusa Light Spirit 74
Dragon Zombie Luijt Mab 41
Luijt Dragon Zombie Mab 41
Silver Dragon Luijt Mab 41
Luijt Silver Dragon Mab 41
Dragon Zombie Shadow Fenrir Mab 41
Shadow Fenrir Dragon Zombie Mab 41
King Werewolf Titania Magic Warrior 81
Titania King Werewolf Magic Warrior 81
Bone Soldier Gremlin Mandragora 30
Gremlin Bone Soldier Mandragora 30
Gremlin Pixie Mandragora 30
Pixie Gremlin Mandragora 30
Fire Spirit Skeleton Mandrake 10
Skeleton Fire Spirit Mandrake 10
Jumbo Cock Lycanthrope Mandrake 10
Lycanthrope Jumbo Cock Mandrake 10
Sea Bat Devil Cancer Mandrake Root 61
Devil Cancer Sea Bat Mandrake Root 61
Gorgon Cockatrice Mandrake Root 61
Cockatrice Gorgon Mandrake Root 61
Diabolos Bloody Beast Master Skeleton 72
Bloody Beast Diabolos Master Skeleton 72
Warlock Evil Fiend Miesha
Evil Fiend Warlock Miesha
Big Eye Angel Mucrane 50
Angel Big Eye Mucrane 50
Gorgon Iron Golem Mucrane 51
Iron Golem Gorgon Mucrane 51
Fire Spirit Mage Mummy 13
Mage Fire Spirit Mummy 13
Bone Soldier Big Crab Mummy 13
Big Crab Bone Soldier Mummy 13
Bone Soldier Lycanthrope Mummy 13
Lycanthrope Bone Soldier Mummy 13
Familiar Jumbo Cock Mummy 13
Jumbo Cock Familiar Mummy 13
Nekomata Vampire Lady Mummy Man 30
Vampire Lady Nekomata Mummy Man 30
Diabolos Lesser Demon Nekomata 73
Lesser Demon Diabolos Nekomata 73
Miesha Tyrant Phantom 43
Tyrant Miesha Phantom 43
Nekomata Vampire Lady Phantom 43
Vampire Lady Nekomata Phantom 43
Medusa Shadow Fenrir Phantom 43
Shadow Fenrir Medusa Phantom 43
Familiar Fire Spirit Pixie 26
Fire Spirit Familiar Pixie 26
Werewolf Killer Bat Red Mage 29
Killer Bat Werewolf Red Mage 29
Mandrake Hell Dog Slime 12
Hell Dog Mandrake Slime 12
Vampire Lady Shadow Fenrir Slime 12
Shadow Fenrir Vampire Lady Slime 12
Shadow Fenrir Dryad Slime 12
Dryad Shadow Fenrir Slime 12
Vampire Lady Dryad Slime 12
Dryad Vampire Lady Slime 12
Bone Soldier Big Crab Specter 14
Big Crab Bone Soldier Specter 14
Lycanthrope Bone Soldier Specter 14
Bone Soldier Lycanthrope Specter 14
Army Bee Bone Soldier Thunder Spirit 39
Bone Soldier Army Bee Thunder Spirit 39
Bloody Beast Shadow Fenrir Thunder Spirit 39
Shadow Fenrir Bloody Beast Thunder Spirit 39
Tyrant Flame Dog Tree Spirit 36
Flame Dog Tyrant Tree Spirit 36
Ogre Luijt Tree Spirit 36
Luijt Ogre Tree Spirit 36
Miesha Cat Lady Tyrant 40
Cat Lady Miesha Tyrant 40
Lesser Demon Vampire Lady Warlock 32
Vampire Lady Lesser Demon Warlock 32
Familiar Lycanthrope Water Spirit 15
Lycanthrope Familiar Water Spirit 15
Night Hound Killer Bee Werewolf 27
Killer Bee Night Hound Werewolf 27
Mandrake Root Shadow Fenrir Werewolf 27
Shadow Fenrir Mandrake Root Werewolf 27
Mandrake Root Vampire Lady Werewolf 27
Vampire Lady Mandrake Root Werewolf 27
Army Bee Bone Soldier Wind Spirit 39
Bone Soldier Army Bee Wind Spirit 39
Bloody Beast Shadow Fenrir Wind Spirit 39
Shadow Fenrir Bloody Beast Wind Spirit 39
Rafflesia Luijt Wolf Dead 45
Luijt Rafflesia Wolf Dead 45
Bloody Beast Lesser Demon Wraith 83
Lesser Demon Bloody Beast Wraith 83
Ogre Griffin Wraith 83
Griffin Ogre Wraith 83
Dragon Zombie Master Golem Wraith 83
Master Golem Dragon Zombie Wraith 83