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Cave of Origin
Cave of Origins.png

First Generation

First screen
Location : Entrance
Monster : Imp, Lesser Bat, Skeleton
Chest :
No chest in this screen

Second Screen
Location : Access from the top left of the first screen.
Monster : Skeleton, Lesser Bat
Chest :
No chest in this screen

Third Screen
Location : Bottom left of the second screen
Monster : Big Crab, Skeleton, Lesser Bat, Fairy
Chest :
Recovery Grass, Staff of Healing

Fourth screen
Location : Top right of the secons screen
Monster : Fairy, Big Crab, Lycanthrope, Mandrake
Chest :
Holy Symbol, Alluvial Gold

Fifth screen
Location : Top left of second screen or top left from fourth screen (chests accessible from the fourth screen only).
Monster : Big Crab, Lycanthrope
Chest :
Essential Arts V, Intelligence Ring

Boss Chamber
Location : Top left of the fifth screen.

There will only be one Jumbo Cock at your first visit. You can go back to fight it again, with other enemies.

Monster : Jumbo Cock, Mage, Mandrake, Lycanthrope
Chest :
No chest in this screen