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This walkthrough covers what items can possibly be created at each stage of Agarest War.

A note about titles - several titles (and their rewards) can technically be achieved very early in the game with enough grinding, but that's often unrealistic. For the purposes of crafting, this guide will only consider title rewards that can be obtained naturally or with a little extra effort.

First Generation, Part 1 - Mimas

Blacksmithing (Alchemy) becomes available.

Crafting components from Imps, Lesser Bats, and Skeletons can technically be farmed at this point in Slumber Forest area 3, but the fights can be difficult with only five party members at normal levels. These enemies are more feasible to farm after First Generation, Part 1 - Fort Zelzagun.

Reasonably Obtainable Titles

  • Beginner - Finish 10 battles
  • Wimp - Possess 20 Grass
  • Part-timer - Have over 1,000 gold
  • Novice - Combo 50 hits

Recommended Weapons







Recommended Armor

Note - it's not practical to equip an entire party with Silver Bracelets at this stage - they're just too expensive. Bone Guards, once unlocked, are 1/10th the price and provide the same Defense, making them a good option for units who already have high Resistance (e.g. Ellis, Vira-Lorr).

Required Item Recipes

First Generation, Part 3 - Cave of Origins

Skill Crafting becomes available.

The Monster Guild becomes available.

Reasonably Obtainable Titles

  • Daredevil - Defeat 100 monsters
  • Origin of the Dawn - Defeat 15 Mandrakes, 15 Faeries, 15 Lycanthropes, 1 Jumbo Cock
  • Coward - Possess 10 Fragment of Life
  • Parvenu - Have 10,000 gold

Recommended Weapons


Recommended Armor

No new armor available.

Recommended Accessories