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Since you've come to this page, you're obviously looking for a way to master all twelve of the attributes to obtain the three achievements that you unlock by doing so. These are easily the most time consuming achievements of the game. What you will read in my guide is part theory, part personal experience, and my method for leveling up attributes. Please keep in mind that leveling attributes is a long, tedious process, and that following this guide isn't going to help you to get the achievements incredibly fast. It will still take quite a while. I simply found the method I developed to be "faster", and more convenient.


As the manual states, attributes will gain experience after using them a set number of times in battle. It also states that characters have an affinity for certain attributes, and those attributes will level up faster for that character. One theory I have is that the characters affinity attribute is the attribute which they have more slots for when you obtain them. This would mean that Leonhardt has an affinity for the General General attribute, and Yayoi has an affinity for Water Water. This may not be the case, but it is a possibility.

  • Attributes may gain experience even if the attack misses, is parried, or if the target has a magic barrier.
  • Attributes may gain experience faster if they are used separately, instead of used together in Combination attacks.


These are facts that I have discovered by playing and carefully watching the attribute bars after each separate trial.

  • Attributes will gain more experience if they are used on an enemy of a higher level. I used Chaos Dyshana (Level 999) in the Boundary Plane to do this.
  • Attributes will gain experience, even if they are used on an enemy who absorbs that element. Dark Dark will still gain experience if used on Chaos Dyshana.
  • Attributes will gain more experience if they are used on multiple enemies at once. This may be difficult to do.

You may think that since Rex starts out with level 8 or 9 in all attributes that it may be best to use him to level all of them. I do not think that is the case. While Rex is leveling one or two attributes, everyone else could be leveling more attributes at the same time so that you are making progress across the board. I let each party member level one attribute at a time so that I could level all twelve of them up in the least time possible. It is best to plan out who will master which attribute, and let them stick to that attribute until they have mastered it.

Davinius' Method

Now I'll teach you the method I've been using to grind out attributes. Keep in mind that this method may not work for you as well as it has for me, or that you may need to adapt it a little to better fit your play style or your needs.

Here is what you'll need:

Six party members strong enough to battle Gods without too much risk.

Two party members with agility high enough that they will act before the enemies.

One tank with high agility, maximum HP (149,998), preferrably with magic barrier.

Full inventory of all healing items.

I used Chaos Dyshana for leveling the attributes. She is level 999, and she isn't too threatening compared to some of the other gods. She is also a smaller unit, which leaves much more room on the field for your party to spread out and link up.

  • First, move your tank up towards Chaos Dyshana and the gurgs, then link your party up further away and out of Chaos Dyshana's range, leaving one person close enough to the tank to use a resurrection item if needed. I used Rex for this. He had the second highest agility in my party, second only to the tank. A magic-based Duran is an excellent tank for this fight. A Duran with Total Resistance, Magic Barrier, Block magic and Unleash all can stand up against Chaos Dyshana's and the gurgs' attacks at a high level, especially with maxed agility.

  • If your tank is mastering an attribute, let him use it on Chaos Dyshana, assuming that doing so will not turn him in a different direction and break the link between your party members. Then, skip turns until Chaos Dyshana and the gurgs attack. If any of your party members fall from their onslaught, get them back up as quickly as possible. Once it's your turn again, focus your attacks on the weakest gurg. It has something around 514,000 HP. Keep in mind that this gurg has a magic barrier, and must be defeated with physical or EX attacks. The other gurg (600,000+ HP), is the opposite, and must be defeated with magic or EX attacks. Bring the gurgs down as quickly as you can so they don't have a chance to use Dead End Storm on your party.

  • Keep your tank at Chaos Dyshana at all times, and she should focus her attacks on him. The Duran I mentioned only took 17,000 damage from her EX Catastrophe, and rarely ever dies in the fights. Allow this character to use recovery grass, or grass to keep his HP topped off before Chaos Dyshana's turn. Allow this character to use the attribute you want him/her to level on Chaos Dyshana, then repeat the process above. Once both gurgs are destroyed, you can focus on using Chaos Dyshana to level your attributes.

  • Now, place your tank right next to Chaos Dyshana again, spread all of your members out but keep them linked. Keep one member with low agility in range of attacking Chaos Dyshana, but to the rear of her, and out of range of her EX Catastrophe. Skip turns until that member gets to act, and then unleash your attribute attacks on Chaos Dyshana. DO NOT combine the attacks into Combination Attacks. Simply use the attacks of the attribute you want to use separately. For instance, if X character is leveling Power Power, and has Power Attack, Deadly Blow and Meteor Impact, combining them will create Gore Crush. Instead of performing Gore Crush, perform Power Attack, Deadly Blow, then allow another character to use an attack, then put Meteor Impact, so that there are no combination attacks in the string. Be sure to finish up with a magic attack, since Chaos Dyshana has Counter.

  • Whenever it is possible, only use ONE attack at one time. For example, select skill, then the attack of the attribute you want to use. Let's say we're levelling Wind Wind. Whenever you can, use ONE wind attack, like Tornado, then press start to commence the attack. Then, before ending that character's turn, use Tornado again. Repeat this process until the character runs out of AP. This seems to help gain attribute experience faster, though it may not.

  • Repeat the process above until Chaos Dyshana is dead. Keep in mind that she can only be killed by EX attacks or physical attacks. ALWAYS allow her to act first, so that you do not gather your party around her. She will likely kill several of them with EX Catastrophe. Always keep your healing items stocked, and resurrect your characters ASAP so that they may continue to gain attribute experience.

  • As you gain levels by using this method, pump ALL of your stat points into your tank's Agility until it is maxed out. After agility, pump them all into Luck to increase the character's evasion rate. Also max out the agility of your secondary tank. Keep the rest of your characters' agility low enough that they act after Chaos Dyshana and the gurgs.

  • Save your game between each battle, since you never know when you might die.

Davinius' attribute leveling party set up

For my attribute leveling party, I have used Rex, Duran, Dyshana, Ladius, Leonhardt and Yayoi. I have recently substituted Yayoi with Beatrice. My magic-user Duran is my main tank, with maxed agility, very high luck.and maxed out HP. He very rarely dies against Chaos Dyshana's or the gurgs' attacks. He is rarely hit by any physical attack from the gurgs, and his magic barrier allows him to survive all magic attacks except for non-miss magic. Rex is my secondary tank, with maxed agility and very high luck. All of the other characters have low agility so that they act last.

Leonhardt's purpose in the party is the powerhouse. I am no longer using him to master attributes. He is simply incredibly powerful, and is a great help in wiping out gurgs before they can use Dead End Storm. I recommend having one party member like this in case you need to deal some extra damage.

I also use a lot of ATK+999 and MAG+900. They are great help in fighting Gods. Also, using the Max HP+ accessories and passive skills increase the chance of victory. Allowing some members to carry Resist Death is not a bad idea, as a lot of the gurgs' and Chaos Dyshana's attacks can cause instant death.

The current levels of my characters are in the 800s, nearing 900, but all started out around 350 or so when I started this process. You will gain insane amounts of experience while grinding out attributes, and plenty of stat points to make your characters better. I highly recommend maxing out agility and luck on your tank and secondary tank to give them better survivability.

Notes etc.

As I said previously, grinding attributes for the achievements is a long, tedious process, and even by following this guide and using my method, it will still take quite a while. Please don't expect a very fast way of doing this. As far as I know, there is no way to do this any faster than the way I am doing it. Also, if anyone would like to ask questions or discuss anything aon this page, or about leveling attributes, please leave a message on my talk page and I'll get to it when I can.