Elaine (エレイン, Erein)
(CV: Wakana Shimizu)
Full name: Elaine Rubech Raglan (if chosen) Family  
CG Elaine
Race: Human Lord Rubech (Father)
If Chosen:
Lord Raglan (Father-in-law)
Leonhardt (Husband)
Ladius (Son, Silver Armor)
Valeria / Yayoi / Sherufanir (Daughter-in-law)
Thoma (Grandson)
Lavinia / Faina / Noah (Granddaughter-in-law)
Duran (Great Grandson)
Hildegard / Silvi / Ryuryu (Great Granddaughter-in-law)
Rex (Great Great Grandson)
Generation: First Generation
Joins at: Reganu Pass (Gen 1 True Path), Zelzagun Fortress (Alternative Path)
Age: 20
Height: 166cm (5'5)

Last of the three women chosen by Dyshana in the first generation, Elaine was previously engaged to Leonhardt until the dissolution of her family. However, Leonhardt wasn't aware of that fact and was hardly acquainted with her. It was only an arrangement made between their parents.

Born to the noble House Rubech, Elaine grew up under the supervision of her strict father and her brilliant educators. She later developed her natural talents, and after two years of training she received the honor of knight, becoming the assistant chief officer. It was an acceptable promotion for those who knew her abilities, but it was rather unusual in the male-dominated knight society. The decision was probably influenced by her family status and pedigree.

Although it was her decision to join the army to live up to her father's expectations, she's actually pure-hearted and doesn't like war. Elaine even tried to stop the invasion of the Frontier, but suffered greatly because she could do nothing to stop it. In light of this situation, she heard a rumor about Leonhardt and decided to fight with him. She's been proposed to by Melchior--another eligible gentleman--but her heart belongs to Leonhardt. She's a romantic person and develops strong feelings for Leonhardt, even though she barely knows him.


Elaine is an young women in her twentieth year, with a shapely, and toned body built, an fair complexion, black wavy shoulder-length hair, with a large bang, parted to the left, covering her forehead, and onyx black eyes. Her main battle attire is like a bouffant gown, with a brownish steel overbust corset designed chest plate, with three grooves in the torso area, yellow edges, and white ruffles at the end, a pauldron shaped like an lion's head on her left shoulder, with white ruffles under it as ways, white elbow-length gloves, and an large headpiece with two small wings on the sides and two earrings with large red beads attachments. She wears a ivory knee-length ballroom skirt, with an black petticoat under it, she also wears a pair of beige cuisses on her thighs with white ruffles of cloth under it as well, a unseen belt attached to it, the belt is held in place by the straps from the large metal neckpiece on her neck, and brownish steel greaves, and Louis heel sabatons complete the attire.

At the Foothill Village near Mudas Gate, she wears a purple nightgown after getting drunk on an single drink of alcohol.




Rubech Lance:

Rubech Shield:

Powers and Abilities

Character Stats

Starting level: 12
Class: War General (Warlord) Stats Elaine
Average Statistic Spread
New class: Queen Knight
Weapons: Spear
Role in party: Warrior
Skill Slots


Power Power
Power Power
General General
Wind Wind
Class change


General General
Earth Earth
Rank Base Statistic Class Change Bonus
STR C 19 0
VIT C 19 0
AGI D 15 10
INT C 20 7
LUK D 15 8
AP 15 7
MOV 3 1
HP 820 1125
Extended area
x : Character
■ : Extended area
Will Power
Aura of Command
Activated with 150 SP and over.

Increase accuracy and evasion rate for characters within the extended area by 30%.

Activated with 150 SP and over.

Increase defense.

Activated with 150 SP and over.

Reduces the amount of AP used for all actions except movement.

Kill Switch
Activated with 100 SP and over.

Increases accuracy and critical hit rate.

Extra Skills
Ruin Thrust (ルインスラスト, Ruin Surasuto)
A spear thrust that use magic to create a tornado and reduce the INT of the target.
Type: Wind Wind
150 0 2 1080 7 Wind 18 50 6 0
Crack Shoot (クラックシュート, Kirakku Shoto)
Splits open the ground beneath the target, then throws a spear charged with energy into the crack, reducing the VIT of the target.
Type: Earth Earth
300 0 3 1700 7 Earth 32 100 9 0
Storm Fencer (ストームフェンサー, Sutōmu Fensā)
Elaine's ultimate technique. Elaine summons the power of a storm and charges at the enemy, punishing them with divine wind. Reduces target's AGI.
Type: General General
600 0 2 6700 18 - 50 250 16 0


  • Elaine's name means Shining Light, in both French and Greek, and it is also the name of Sir Galahad's mother.
  • In the Japanese dialogue in the game, both Largen and Braham use the suffix -dono, which means Sir, or due to Elaine being female, Dame Elaine, when addressing her, while Leonhardt originally use the suffix -sama, which means Lady Elaine until she told Leo to just call her by her name.