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Basic Information

Elves are the the most numerous subspecies from all elves and that is the reason why the whole race takes their name from them. They can be met only as NPCs. Elves are as tall as humans. Their skin colour is the same as high elves, but their ears are longer. Their eyes are big and round. Players can meet elves in Lus Soleil when one of them falsely accuses Lavinia for bringing disaster, in Tlalocan as a jeweller, or in Halulu Atea as clairvoyant. Because of their peaceful nature they are not playable characters. In danger, elves choose to hide, isolate themselves, or assimilate with humans. When elves live independently in their own villages they choose high elves as leaders.

In Agarest 2, 2 common elves are introduced as playable characters for the first time. They are a brother and sister pair, Ignis and Sofia. Even though Sofia is mentioned to have been around during the Second Generation, she does not make an appearance until the Third Generation, during which she becomes a love interest.

Playable Characters

Agarest Elf Party Members

There is no playable Elf in Agarest

Agarest Zero Elf Party Members

There is no playable Elf In Agarest: Zero

Agarest 2 Elf Party Members


Full Elf

Ignis Avatar.jpg
Sofia Avatar.jpg
1/2 Elf

Lizerotte Avatar.jpg
1/2 Human

Non-Playable Characters

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  • Despite being the most common type of Elf, Agarest 2 is the first time there is playable elf characters.