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World Map

  • Dependant on the route you took you may need to fight two extra battles to unlock a path.
  • Culvert, East (East Culvert):
  • Culvert, West (West Culvert):

Trosia Highland

  • Event Choice:
    • Find Luana: Fyuria DOWN, Luana UP, Elaine DOWN
    • Find FyuriaFyuria UP, Luana DOWN, Elaine DOW
    • Find ElaineFyuria DOWN, Luana DOWN, Elaine UP
  • Item: Esoteric Book 1 gained

World Map

  • Trosia Highland, North
  • Trosia Highland, Central
  • Trosia Highland, South

Mudus River, Downstream

  • You do not choose which heroine you talk to here - it is dependant on their love rate.
  • Fyuria Event Choice:
    • Look for Star: Gauge moves towards LIGHT. Fyuria UP
    • Nod: Gauge moves towards DARK. Fyuria UP
    • Hope?: Gauge moves towards DARK. Fyuria UP
  • Luana Event Choice:
    • Go: Gauge moves towards LIGHT. Luana UP
    • Wait: Gauge moves towards LIGHT. Luana UP
    • Lost: Gauge moves towards DARK. Luana UP
  • Elaine Event Choice:
    • Childhood: Gauge moves towards DARK. Elaine UP
    • Story: Gauge moves towards DARK. Elaine UP
    • Friend: Gauge moves towards LIGHT. Elaine UP

World Map

  • Rodill Trail, North
  • Rodill Trail, South

Kanatrious Hill

  • Event: Storyline related

World Map

  • L'arcgi Road, West
  • Norligu Bridge
  • L'arcgi Road, East

Pleuron Fortress (Pureuon Fortress)