Agarest Wiki


┣ 1.Neboso
┣ 2. Unitede Water Palace
┗ Humibite Obelisk
 ┣ South
 ┃┣ 3.Flone Memorial Obelisk
 ┃┗ A. Froid Rain Place
 ┣ East
 ┃┣ 4.Mared
 ┃┣ B.Malady Requiescat
 ┃┣ 5.Randall
 ┃┣ 6.Tomb of Cessies
 ┃┗ C.Attendre Seche
 ┗ West
  ┣ 7.Alum
  ┣ Tomb of Alberm
  ┣ 8.Igno
  ┣ D.Ignoto Memorial
  ┣ 9.Mise Requiem
  ┣ 10.Wallia Noah
  ┗ E.Mise Noyer



1. Neboso: Garm x4, Earth Spirit x3, Wind Spirit x2-3

2. Unitede Water Palace: Garm x4, Earth Spirit x3, Wind Spirit x2-3

3. Flone Memorial Obelisk: Golem x2

4. Mared: Cold Gel x2, Devil Cancer x2, Phantom x2

5. Randall:

6. Tomb of Cessies:

7. Alum:

8. Igno:

9. Mise Requiem:

10. Wallia Noah:


A. Froid Rain Place: Magic Crystal Chip x1, Gravitation x1

B. Malady Requiescat: LUK Up x1, Bracelet of Feicui x1

C. Attendre Seche: Generation Crystal x1, Stardust x1

D. Ignoto Memorial: Phantom Bracelet x1,

E. Mise Noyer: AGI Up x1, Sanctuary x1