Fyuria (フューリア, Fyūria lit. Furia)
(CV: Rumi Shishido)
Full name: Fyuria Raglan (if chosen) Family  
CG Fyuria
Race: Syrium Zerva (Brother)
If Chosen:
Leonhardt (Husband)
Ladius (Son, Red Armor)
Valeria / Yayoi / Sherufanir (Daughter-in-law)
Thoma (Grandson)
Lavinia / Faina / Noah (Granddaughter-in-law)
Duran (Great Grandson)
Hildegard / Silvi / Ryuryu (Great Granddaughter-in-law)
Rex (Great Great Grandson)
Generation: First Generation
Joins at: Mimas
Age: 86 (Physical Age: 18)
Height: 175cm (5'9)

One of the three women chosen by Dyshana in the first generation. Fyuria is Zerva's sister. She used to live in Hovos, which is now Zelzagun Fort. After the loss of her parents and friends during the Gridamas's invasion of Hovos, Fyuria swears revenge and fights against them with Zerva and the other survivors. However, they lose the fight, and she becomes separated from her brother. She tries to hide in Mimas, but encounters Gridamas's troops when Leonhardt saves her life. Fyuria dislikes Leonhardt at first because she holds all humans responsible for the persecution of her people, but she gradually opens up to him as she witnesses him risk his life to help those in need. She often gives the impression of being cold and aloof, but she's actually pretending to be strong, trying to support herself.


Fyuria has a tall, lithe body build, her skin color is a pale, porcelain white tone, and she has light-blue hair that reaches below her knees, done up in two pigtails held in place by two cross-shaped hairpins, with bangs framing her face and covering her forehead. She has light-blue eyes and long pointed ears. Her main attire is very revealing, comprisng a halterneck sports bra, leaving her midriff completely exposed and held up by a large metal choker, which is black on the top part and edges, while white on the rest with four black dots on the back that serve as the hook clips. The underside on her breasts is open, and the article can be undone by the zipper on the belt in the front covering her breasts. She wears a necklace with four violet beads and one small red crystal, a black leather micro-skirt with white vertical stripes on the sides, with two crisscrossed white belts with black circles and edges that serve as holsters for the sheaths of her large custom-designed daggers, leather elbow-length fingerless gloves, with three bands of the right arm, and knee-length combat boots. She isn't wearing any underwear under her skirt.

If chosen by Leonhardt at the end of the first generation, her wedding dress would be a strapless, sleeveless white mini dress, with a gold pattern on the top, an ankle-length, four-layered crescent skirt, a gold metal choker with a small red jewel and a small cross attached to it. She wears a white wedding headdress with black flowers at the sides, a long back-length white veil, and a pair of white, forearm-length wedding gloves with black frilly armbands. Finishing the attire are black stockings attached to a white garterbelt and a pair of white heels.


Embittered by Gridamas's attack on her home town of Hovos years ago, Fyuria is a very temperamental, impulsive, and hostile woman, especially to humans from Gridamas. These she regards with silent contempt at best, to outright hostility at worst. Her emotions are very volatile: she can go charging into a battlefield or after a fleeing enemy without a second thought, and is normally suspicious of, hostile to, or generally apathetic toward most of the people she meets. She openly displays distrust of Luana and Elaine, hostility to Leonhardt's party when they saved her at Mimas, and heartlessly voted in favor of either dismembering or sealing Winfield after the battle with the Dark Knight to destroy the Bracelet of Covenant. Her cold and intimidating mannerism is so she may seem strong. After losing parents, friends, and almost everything she has at Hovos' destruction, she was immensely traumatized, and the idea of people she cares about dying again distresses her, especially Zerva, the only family she has left in the world.

Despite her anger and seemingly cold demeanor, Fyuria has traits of an perfectly normal young girl of her physical age. She likes dolls, is embarrassed about someone finding out her age, is extremely embarrassed and insecure about the possibility of Leonhardt being her soulmate, displays slight insecurity about her lack of bust size, or the idea of Leonhardt wanting to marry her because she is a Syrium. She dislikes being mocked or treated like an child, even though she is still very young for a Syrium; also she is capable of childish behavior when possible like in Regulus.


Fyuria was born in, and lived most of her early years of her life in the Syrium village of Hovos, an village that is located father away from the other Frontier villages, and is close to Gridamas' Mudas Gate. At one point at her childhood, she went to a nearby human village and found an abandoned doll with red, after take it home and fixing it, it became the Fyuria's favorite possession. Decades before the events of the first generation, Hovos was attacked, burned down, rebuild into Zelzagan Fortress by the Gridamas army, losing her parents and home, Fyuria grew bitter and resentful of the human empire and swore revenge against the imperial superpower.


Trench Knives:

Powers and Abilities

Combat Abilities

Expert Dagger User: Fyuria is very capable with her two trench knives, her standard method of attack is to deliver multiple slashes at one target and she can use her magic to put even greater power into her strikes.

Natural Abilities

High Natural Speed: As a member of the Syrium, Fyuria is very swift-footed woman, she has the highest speed of her generation, at the same time, she only has average agility, so nimble foot movements as not really capable for her.

Magical Abilities

High Magical Power: As both a Syrium and a Maiden of the Pillar, Fyuria has a higher level of magical power than most Syriums except for her own brother Zerva. The elemental attributes of hers is mostly Light, Wind, and Thunder with a stronger affinity for Wind and Light.

Average Magic Control: Fyuria possess a normal level of control over the flow of magical energy, however, any form of magic beyond her own abilities requires the aid of a sorcerer-level spellcaster to properly execute, thus Fyuria's main role in most Ex-Arts is to strike the enemy physically after hitting them magically.


The special Abilites that are formed from the key aspects of Fyuria's character, abilites and experience. Fyuria has four Willpowers in total.

Character Stats

Starting level: 4
Class: Ranger Stats Fyuria
Average Statistic Spread
New class: Blade Runner
Weapons: Daggers
Role in party: Battle Mage
Skill Slots


Combo Combo
Combo Combo
Special Special
Light Light
Class change


Lightning Thunder
Wind Wind
Rank Base Statistic Class Change Bonus
STR D 10 8
VIT D 10 8
AGI B 14 0
INT B 18 0
LUK D 9 10
AP 16 8
MOV 3 2
HP 352 825
Extended area
x : Character
■ : Extended area
Will Power
Increases the SP gain each turn.

Acquired: Level 5

Activated with 200 SP and over.

Increase physical damage.
Acquired: Level 16

Activated with 200 SP and over.

Increases physical damage for characters within the extended area.

Unleash Magic
Activated when at less then 25% of max HP, Substantially increases magic damage and magic defence.

Acquired: Level 49

Extra Skills
Dazzle Blade (ダズルブレイド, Dazuru Bureido)
A sword technique that surrounds a target with a dazzling light while slashing the target quickly. It either causes a critical hit or instant death at a certain rate.
Type: Light Light
150 0 1 1057 30 Light 18 50 9 0
Ozone Heat (オゾンヒート, Ozon Hīto)
Magic that heats up the atmosphere by vibrating the air and creating a tornado. Reduces the AGI of the target.
Type: Wind Wind
0 300 2 1450 7 Wind 32 100 0 12
Stardust Break (スターダストブレイク, Sutādasuto Bureiku)
The Ultimate art of Fyuria.

Slashes a target at high speed then drops from the sky. She looks like a shooting star when she falls from the sky.

Type: Combo Combo
637 637 3 6600 0 Combo 50 250 12 6