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Basic Stats


1 Str = 6 Atk
2 Str = 1 Hit


1 Vit = 3 Def + HP/lvl


Determines movement order, this and current AP amount determine attack order.
2 Agi = 1 Avd


1 Int = 6 Mag + 4 Rst


2 Luk = 1 Hit + 1 Avd
Also adds to capture and steal success rates.


When you gain a level, your experience point total resets to zero. The following table lists the number of experience points required to reach the next level:

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
9 29 65 117 193 300 433 593 783 1,011
10 1,275 1,588 1,947 2,352 2,805 3,309 3,868 4,485 5,160 5,895
20 6,694 7,559 8,493 9,499 10,580 11,738 12,977 14,300 15,710 17,209
30 18,801 20,489 22,276 24,166 26,161 28,265 30,481 32,812 35,262 37,833
40 40,530 43,355 46,313 49,406 52,638 56,013 59,534 63,205 67,030 71,012
50 75,154 79,461 83,936 88,583 93,406 98,408 103,594 108,967 114,532 120,292
60 126,251 132,413 138,782 145,363 152,159 159,175 166,414 173,881 181,581 189,517
70 197,694 206,116 214,787 223,712 232,895 252,052 262,036 272,296 282,836
80 293,661 304,776 316,185 327,893 339,905 352,225 364,859 377,811 391,086 407,179
90 428,284 452,231 481,559 557,175 609,070 672,574 748,111 999,999 999,999
Every level after 100 also requires 999,999 experience.


Upon leveling up, characters gain the following:
HP Gain = (Base Vit * 3) + (New Lvl * 2)
Personal PP is based on the level achieved, starting at 10 from level 1, and then increasing by an extra 1 per level every ten levels afterward. Unspent PPP is carried over to the next level, and class promotion has no effect on this. Potential is currently suspected to add +4 PPP per level, but this is not yet confirmed.
note, PPP used on Vit during the levelup process has no effect on HP gained that level. It will, however, be applied upon the next levelup.

Applied Stats









(what does AP stand for... action points? yes, and these can be raised by equiping the right weapons and/or items)

Combat Mechanics



**total speculation, but as nothing's here, might as well**
The other physical defense is to simply dodge an attack completely. When a character or enemy dodges an attack, "MISS" appears instead of damage resulting in 0 damage dealt. At first this would seem immensely advantageous, but a large number of caveats exist to diminish the worth of dodging. First, only physical attacks may be dodged; magic will ALWAYS hit. Second, certain skills, combination attacks, and willpowers bestow a "True Hit" ability on physical attacks, meaning that no matter what the target's dodge rate is the attack is gauranteed to hit. Third, it seems that successful attacks are exponentially based on the difference between the attacker's Hit and the defender's Avd, meaning that an attack with 100 Hit vs. 100 Avd will not hit the enemy (perhaps there is a minimum hit %), whereas an attack with 100 Hit vs 75 Avd seems to hit far more often than the difference of 25 would imply. This aspect makes dodging particularly difficult in Hard mode as enemies have boosted statistics. Fourth and finally, certain characters and enemies possess avoidance willpowers, some of which bestow limited boosts to allies within the extended area, to Parry, which bestows a 100% dodge rate regardless of the user's Avd. In its defense though, dodging does feel REALLY good, and players will usually have at least one character in the party capable of dodging well due to the need to have a party member with the opportunity of moving and attacking first in a battle.



AP Generation

AP Gain and the Extented Area

AP rises on any character's turn if he is linked, even without Willpowers like Energy. The formula for this base gain is:

AP Gain = Total number of characters in current link (minimum 2, maximum 6)

Example 1: In a Surprise Attack battle, you have linked 4 characters on one side of the board, and linked 2 characters on the other. Each of the first group will gain 4 AP at the start of his turn, and each of the second group will gain 2 AP at the start of his turn.

Example 2: You've started a battle and have gotten all 6 characters linked. At the start of each of the first 3 characters turn, they gain 6 AP, and you simply Stand By. On the 4th character's turn, he gains 6 AP, but you execute an attack with that character that moves both him and character #5 out of the link, also not linked to each other. There will now be no AP gain on the 5th character's turn, and the the 6th character will only gain 4 AP on his turn for the 4 remaining characters in the link.

Note that this AP Gain is in addition to any AP gained by Willpowers like Energy (see AP Gain and Willpowers below). Toward the end of Generation 1, with Leonhardt having Energy and everyone linked together (standing in Leonhardt's extended area and ideally linking with other characters as well), it is not uncommon to gain upwards of 9+ AP per turn, or even 12+ AP per round if you Stand By until later characters to act.

AP Gain and Willpowers

Some characters have Willpowers that bestow additional AP gain to characters in his Extended Area. This additional AP gain is also chained to the second character's Extended Area so long as he remains in the Extended Area of the first character (the one with the Willpower). Again, this is in addition to the AP gained simply by being linked through Extended Areas (see AP Gain and the Extended Area above).

***Formula for amount of AP gain needed***

Example: Leonhardt eventually learns the Willpower, Energy. During the move phase, you place Ellis and Zerva in Leonhardt's Extended Area, and place Borgnine in both Leonhardt's and Zerva's Extended Area (an overlapping square). Ignore the other two characters for this example, and assume there is no character in Ellis or Borgnine's Extended Area. On Leonhardt's turn, he gains 4 AP from being in a link with 4 characters, and Ellis, Zerva, and Borgnine all gain AP from Energy***. He stands by. On Ellis's turn, she gains 4 AP and also stands by. On Zerva's turn, he gains 4 AP, and Borgnine gains AP from Energy***. Zerva stands by. On Borgnine's turn, he gains 4 AP.

  • Remember that chaining only occurs if the character is in the Extended Area of the character with Willpower. Let's say that during the example above, Zerva moves out of Leonhardt's Extended Area, but Borgnine is still within both Leonhardt's and Zerva's Extended Area. Zerva would no longer receive additional AP on Leonhardt's turn, and Borgnine would no longer receive additional AP on Zerva's turn. Note that both characters would still get the standard AP gain from simply being linked.

AP Gain and Accessories / Active Skills

***This topic requires more research.***

SP Generation

Each command used will give the character 5 SP as well as each command used on that character. (Counters, misses, and healing counts as well.)

Example: If Ellis uses Heal on herself, she will get 5 SP for using Heal and 5 SP for Heal being used on her.

When a character kills an enemy, that character gains 25 SP. If more than one character is involved in an attack that kills an enemy, they all gain 25 SP.

Example: If Leonhardt and Borgnine use Broken Hit (Double Edge & Power Attack) and kill an enemy with it, both will gain 25 SP.

When a character dies, everyone in the party that is still alive will gain 25 SP. (This same rule applies for the enemy side as well.)

Elemental Effects