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Basic Information

The Gods are extremely powerful beings said to have created the Agarest universe. They come from the Boundary Plane and rule over the Larva. They were united in a common purpose in the creation of Agarest, which they believe would be perfect. However, each God had their own belief on how the people of the world should be like. Thus they created their own race, such as Deeth and her neocolom race and lead to what some Gods believed to be an imperfection. Because of this, many Gods believed that the world should start again as a new better perfect world. Led by the god Chaos, they unleashed the corrupted Larva, Summeril and the "Beast", including Gurgs, upon the world in order to achieve their goal. These Gods became known as the Gods of Darkness. However, the remaining Gods (now known as the Gods of Light) and their chosen warriors (including Sieghart and friends) fought against the Gods of Darkness and defeated them. After the Gods of Darkness were defeated, 5 of them were each sealed and made into one of the five continents and Chaos was sealed in the Boundary Plane. They seem able to influence people and were trying to return, though they were unsealed so that they could be defeated for good, leaving the world in the care of mortals forevermore (by Leonhardt and co.). They are able to create Agents to carry out their missions. (See Agents of the Gods)

The Gods of Light

The Gods of Darkness

Lenion, the Highest God Chaos, the Sovereign of Night
Varna, the Goddess Queen Mobius, the God of Time and Space
Mystria, the God of Wisdom Mayastia, the God of War
Dialos, the God of Harmony Nemesis, the Star Goddess
Arumana, the God of Mercy Deeth, the Goddess of Fate
Julius, the God of Song Mercury, the Guardian God