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Agarest's Dwarf-like race. As is common in RPGs, Dwarves are living in a underground cities and are associated with forging weapons and armors although they leave the enchanting to their close allies that are the Neiths. They have pointy ears and are shorter than most other races with the exception of Neiths and Rem Lorients. It seem the female greers are considerably taller then the males. Despite their small stature they seems to be a proud and very powerful race. Neither male or female Greers consider themselves weak. In fact, they can be a bit boastful in terms of their strengths. While Ganz seems to use a Pole-Ax to make up for his small size, Dana uses her fists to fight. They are mostly a fighting race and as such they have low capability with magic.

In Agarest Zero: The Greers worship the Guardian God Mercury and his personal larva Hass Calinou as blacksmiths of the highest caliber.

In Agarest 2: It is forbidden for Greers to make either guns or magic weapons due to the Guardians outlaws as the most destructive and dangerous weapons of the God Mercury's creations; and those who do so are exiled and shamed.

Playable Characters

Agarest Greer Party Members


Full Greer

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Full Greer

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Agarest 2 Greer Party Members

There is no playable Greer In Agarest 2

Non-Playable Characters

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