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Basic Information

Created By Mobius, Harpuia are a race of feather folk, IE Humans with wings. Essentially they are the same as angels except that they have 2 sets of wings: 1 smaller set in their upper backs and 1 larger set in their lower backs. Just like humans, they are very varied in appearance with the exception of the wings, which in turn can come in a number of colors. According to Sayane's profile, Harpuia have a great sense of direction, similar to those of some birds. They seem to prefer living in mountainous regions where they have forts built around their homes. They appear to rarely interact with other races preferring to remain in their town and villages. Silvi is an exception to this (she is considered strange by other Harpuia, though she is respected for being a great warrior) and the reason Murmina lived with humans is because her home was destroyed. In terms of abilities, they seem to be a race that prefer aerials and distance attacks. Silvi is a swordswoman but can use magic that keeps her at a distance while Murmina is a gunner.

In Agarest 2: It's revealed by Fastie that the magic in the feathers of a Harpuia's wings are what allow them to fly despite their humanoid figures. The magical energy comes from their own life energy; so when the feathers either fall or molt away they become normal feathers.

Playable Characters

Agarest Harpuia Party Members


Full Harpuia

Avatar Silvi.jpgSilvi Avatar Murmina.jpg

1/2 Harpuia (if Silvi is chosen)

May also be 1/16 Syrium, 1/16 Neocolom, and 1/8 High Elf and 1/8 Dark Elf.

Will also be partially human (human genetics can vary from 1/8 up to 1/2).

Avatar Rex3.jpg
(Blue Outfit)

Agarest Zero Harpuia Party Members


1/2 Harpuia

Avatar Sayane.jpg

1/4 Harpuia (if Sayane is chosen)

Will also be 3/4 human.

Avatar Leonis.jpg
(Black Hair)

Agarest 2 Harpuia Party Members


Full Harpuia

Yumil Avatar.jpg

1/2 Harpuia (if Yumil is chosen)

May also be 1/4 Neocolom.

Will also be partially human (either 1/4 or 1/2).

Gray Avatar.jpg
(White Jacket)

Non-Playable Characters

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  • When a Harpuia has a half-breed child, the child will inherit the parent's wings, including their color. This has been proven in all 3 Agarest games. In Agarest 1, we see this with Rex if Silvi is chosen as his mother and with Rex's child if Murmina is chosen as Rex's wife for the True End. In Agarest Zero, Sayane is 1/2 Harpuia and 1/2 Human and she has Harpuia wings. In Agarest 2, we see this with Grey if Yumil is chosen as his mother. Interestingly, the wings of a half-breed child do not always grow as large as the parent's when they reach adulthood. While Rex's wings are as large as Silvi's, Sayane's and Grey's are smaller than a full-blooded adult Harpuia's wings. Apparently, besides the magic in their feathers playing a role, the size of their wings must also determine if a Harpuia or Half Harpuia can fly. Sayane herself commented that she is unable to fly and that her wings are just for show. The same must be true for Grey since his lower set of wings are too small, despite the fact that his higher set of wings are normal size (Harpuia have 2 sets of wings). In Rex's case, he is able to fly since his wings (both higher and lower) are normal size.
  • Apparently, anyone who is less than 1/2 Harpuia will not inherit Harpuia wings. This has been proven in Agarest Zero with Leonis. If Sayane is chosen as Leonis's mother, he will be 1/4 Harpuia but will not have wings.
  • So far, Harpuia and Neocoloms are the only 2 races that have been shown to pass on their non-human visible traits to half-breed children.