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Basic Information

Created by Lenion, High Elves are the oldest and most powerful of the Elven races. They are the most tuned in with nature and have great magical abilities. They have the ability to summon Larvae as guardians to protect them. However, this species of elf is dying out, with Ellis being the only High Elf in all of Lucrellia. They are said to be the ancestors of the common elves.

In Zero, An High Elf named Eleazel serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Forces of Light.

In Agarest 2, a new High Elf is introduced, Fiona. Again very similar to Ellis and Alice, Fiona is shown to grow mentally from the first to second generation and physcially grow from the second to third generation. However, unlike her predecessors, Fiona does not summon a Larvae in this game. It is said that High Elves have become extinct with Fiona being the last of her kind. (Please note that Agarest may be a separate universe to the other 2 games.)

Physical Characteristics

Of all the Elf species, they are the most respected because of their beauty and ability, with some being made leaders of Elfville. Their ears are a lot shorter than those of other Elves.

Abilities - Strengths and Weakness



Playable Characters

Agarest High Elf Party Members


Full High Elf

Avatar Ellis.jpg

1/2 High Elf

Avatar Lavinia.jpg
1/2 Dark Elf
Avatar Faina.jpg
1/2 Dark Elf

1/4 High Elf (if either Lavinia or Faina is chosen)

Will also be 1/4 Dark Elf.

May also be 1/8 Syrium and 1/8 Neocolom.

Will also be partially human (human genetics can vary from 1/4 up to 1/2).

Avatar Duran3.jpg
(Blue Shirt)
(White Shirt)

1/8 High Elf (if either Lavinia or Faina is chosen)

Will also be 1/8 Dark Elf.

May also be 1/16 Syrium, 1/16 Neocolom, and 1/2 Harpuia.

Will also be partially human (human genetics can vary from 1/8 up to 3/4).

Avatar Rex3.jpg

Agarest Zero High Elf Party Member


Full High Elf

Avatar Alice.jpg

Agarest 2 High Elf Party Member


Full High Elf

Fiona Avatar.jpg

Non-Playable Characters

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  • It should be noted that Humans and High Elves are the only two races that have a character in all Generations for all games so far. Ironically, all the High Elf party members have pink hair and purple eyes and are female, but that is only if you do not count the sisters Lavinia and Faina who are both half High Elf and half Dark Elf. While they are also female like the other High Elf party members, Lavinia has red hair and golden brown eyes and Faina has blonde hair and green eyes. So far Fiona is the only High Elf from the first Generation of an Agarest game to not summon a Larva.
    • Winfield and Ellis in Agarest
    • Alice and Eugene in Agarest Zero
    • Fiona and Jainus in Agarest 2
  • While Dyshana is in all Generations she is not playable until the final Generation. Therefore, it can be said that Agents of the Gods are in all Generations but not playable in all Generations.