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[Fifth Generation Kuturgur]

3 Battles Event

  • Bull Orc
    Normal Drop: Mithril, Element of Flame
    Rare Drop: Orichalcum Ore, Recovery Herb
    Overkill: Orichalcum
  • Goblin King
    (1st Battle) Normal Drop: Crimson Attack, Orichalcum Ore
    (2nd Battle) Normal Drop: Icicle Attack, Orichalcum Ore
    (3rd Battle) Normal Drop: Lightning Attack, Orichalcum Ore
    Rare Drop: Vessel of Life, Recovery Herb
    Overkill: Orichalcum
  • Orc Mage
    (1st/2nd Battle) Normal Drop: Mithril, Recovery Grass
    (1st Battle) Rare Drop: Recovery Herb, Cure All
    (2nd Battle) Recovery Herb, Crimson Edge
    Overkill: Orichalcum Ore
  • Orc Lord
    Normal Drop: Nightmare, Orichalcum Ore
    Rare Drop: Recovery Herb, Vessel of Life
    Overkill: Orichalcum
  • Garvel
    Normal Drop: Orichalcum Ore, Recovery Grass
    Rare Drop: Unicorn Horn, Recovery Herb
    Overkill: O-Bangle