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♦:Event ★:Hidden Dungeon

  • ♦Injistel Estuary
    ┣ 1.Fol Valley, East
    ┗ A.Mertz Trost
     ┣ South
     ┃┣ 2.Ausila Mountain Valley
     ┃┣ Ouschinal Ravine
     ┃┣ 3.Fol Valley, South
     ┃┣ 4.Fejis Lucent Peak
     ┃┣ B.Pezist Strand
     ┃┣ West
     ┃┃┣ ★14. Kanal Mineral Springs
     ┃┃┣ ★15. Fol Valley, West
     ┃┃┗ ★D. Gambia Tributary
     ┃┗ North
     ┃ ┣ 5.Giselle Murk Plateau
     ┃ ┗ 6.Gia Gale Peak
     ┗ West
      ┣ 7.Lajirare Hidden View
      ┗ Rajiale Crossroads
       ┣ North
       ┃┣ 8.Ruiju Daffodils
       ┃┣ 9.Abney Sunken Spring
       ┃┗ C.Avele River
       ┗ West
        ┣ 10.Alp Hidden View
        ┣ 11.Tief Cloud Mountains
        ┗ Pitie Fern
         ┣ East
         ┃┣ ★16. Fol Valley, North
         ┃┣ ★17. Lerne Hidden View
         ┃┗ ★E. Borelais Estuary
         ┗ West
          ┣ 12.El Brillante Peak
          ┣ 13.Tier Sunken Spring
          ┗ ♦La'cryma Basin


The bonus part of this dungeon is unlocked if you meet with Cal-Vina at the entrance during the Day Phase of the Pere Copia Vacation Day.


1. Fol Valley, East: Gremlin x2, Killer bat x3, Iron Scissor x2

2. Ausila Mountain Valley: Gremlin x3, Werewolf x2, Red Mage x2-3

3. Fol Valley, South: Werewolf x3, Mandragora x2

4.Fejis Lucent Peak: Dragon, Werewolf x2, Mandagora x3

5. Giselle Murk Plateau: Mandragora x3, Pixie x2, Mummy Man x2

6. Gia Gale Peak: Mandragora x2-3, Pixie x2-3, Mummy Man x2

7. Lajirare Hidden View: Red Mage x3, Gremlin x2

8. Ruiju Daffodils: Dragon, Mandragora x3, Red Mage x4, Werewolf x3

9. Abney Sunken Spring: Miesha, Red Mage x3-4, Mandragora x3-4, Werewolf x4

10. Alp Hidden View: Gremlin x3, Killer Bat x3, Dragon x1

11. Tief Cloud Mountains: Dragon, Gremlin x2, Killer Bat x2,

12. El Brillante Peak: Flame Dog x2, Red Mage x2-3, Green Mousse x2

13. Tier Sunken Spring: Flame Dog, Red Mage x2, Green Mousse x2-3

14. Kanal Mineral Spring: Salamander x2-3, Cat Lady x2-3, Warlock x2-3

15. Fol Valley, West: Devil Tentacle x1, Cat Lady x2-3, Big Eye x2-3, Salamander x2-3, Earth Knight x2-3

16. Fol Valley, North: Salamander x2-3, Warlock x2-3, Big Eye x2-3, Bone Soldier x2-3

17. Lerne Hidden View: Evil Fiend, Earth Knight x2-3, Cat Lady x2-3, Bone Soldier x2-3, Warlock x2-3


A. Mertz Trost: Essential Arts 7, Secret Arts 5, Unicorn Horn x1

B. Pezist Strand: Essential Arts 10, Secret Arts 6, Ice Soul x1

C. Avele River: Essential Arts 9, Harvest Heal x1, Thunder Soul x1

D. Gambia Tributary: INT Up x1, Damascus Spear x1

E. Borelais Estuary: LUK Up x1, Seiryu's Sword x1


  • La'cryma Basin
    • First Fight:
      • Killer Bat x3
        • Drop: Platinum Ore
        • Overkill: Platinum Ore
      • Red Mage x3
        • Drop: Recovery Grass, Platinum Ore, Sorcerer Token
        • Overkill: Sorcerer Token
      • Evil Fiend x1
        • Stolen: Platinum Ore, Battle Frame
        • Ex Stolen: Amethyst Magatama, Samson Ring
        • Overkill: VIT Up
    • Second fight:
      • Pixies x3
        • Drop: Pixie Feather
        • Overkill: Platinum Ore
      • Werewolf x3
        • Drop: Recovery Grass, Fragment of Life, Platinum Ore
        • Overkill: Platinum Ore
      • Thunderbird x1 (Absorbs Thunder)
        • Stolen: Stone of Life, Recovery Grass
        • Ex Stolen: Double Feather, Red Sauvage
        • Overkill: LUK Up