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Larva are a group of creatures from another world called the Boundary Plain. According to Dyshana, they are closer to being gods that have a spiritual form. High elves with high magical powers have the ability to summon these creatures as guardians, protectors and sometimes family. The high elf that summons them also names them it seems. These are given a unique physical form. Larvae take no particular form. They may possess a beast/wolf-like body like Borgnine, a dragon/dinosaur form like Galios, a humanoid feature like Vashtor, an crab-like nature or an giant four armed beasts. While it may not be true, all larva seem to be male. Summoned larva are very loyal to those that summoned them. Both Borgnine and Galios seem to be like a doting father to their masters. These larva have flames on their shoulders like Borgnine, Vashtor and Galios, leading some to believe that most larva that are summoned may have the flames as proof of contract. However, larva can be corrupted. This happen when Summerill turned a great number of larva, including Vashtor, and corrupted them into gurgs. However, these larva seems to be able to break free from their summoner's control. Larva are incredible strong and highly resistant to both physical and magical attacks. One can say that they are the strongest race in the world of Agarest. Their strength seems to be enough to take on a small army if their are fully manifested. They are usually the first to be sent in to battle ahead of the other making way for them as they take the role of tanks in the party. They use fists, swords, and spears as weapons, and most larves don't seem to have great magic abilities.

In Agarest Zero: Larvae were summoned by the Gods to act in their steed as warriors in the second war because the hazardous effects their fighting had on Agarest.

In Agarest 2: Because of the extinction of the High Elves and Rem Lorient; Lavrae no longer appear in Agarest.

Playable Characters

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Full Larva

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Agarest 2 Larva Party Members

There are no playable larva in Agarest 2

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  • Agarest 2 is the first game in the series that doesn't have a larva summon by the main high elf, Fiona.