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Leonhardt (レオンハルト, Reonharuto)
(CV: Takashi Kondō)
Full name: Leonhart 'Leo' Raglan Family  
CG Leonhardt.jpg
Race: Human Lord Raglan (Father)
Fyuria / Luana / Elaine (Wife)
Zerva (Brother-in-law if Fyuria is chosen)
Ladius (Son)
Valeria / Yayoi / Sherufanir (Daughter-in-law)
Thoma (Grandson)
Lavinia / Faina / Noah (Granddaughter-in-law)
Duran (Great Grandson)
Hildegard / Silvi / Ryuryu (Great Granddaughter-in-law)
Rex (Great Great Grandson)
Generation: First Generation
Joins at: Prologue
Age: 23
Height: 182cm (5'11)

Leonhardt is an impoverished aristocrat who currently serves as an assistant official of the Gridamas Frontier garrison. He’s called Leo by his friends and is also known as ‘Golden Leo’ because he fights with a golden sword in battle.

Leo is the leader of the 11th Regiment, which fights at the front line at all times. He gains some respect from soldiers for this reason. However, Leo is not favoured by the aristocrats who lead the other garrisons. His status as an impoverished aristocrat undermines his relationship with them, and that’s why he’s constantly delegated the most dangerous missions. Leonhardt became an impoverished aristocrat due to the dark plot of Braham and House Klavis; this plot was known by many people (including Leonhardt). Regardless, Leo follows his father’s will, which is not to pursue the revenge which will cause uproar in the country. Instead, Leo dutifully accepts the stigma attached to his name.

Leonhardt aims to become distinguished on the battlefield so he can rebuild his House, but he begins to question the purpose of battle. In his opinion as a warrior and human being, unilateral destruction and massacre would be the sole result of this struggle. This devastating sight eventually made Leo discard the path of knighthood and the order of his country to save an elf girl. Unfortunately, he suffers fatal injuries in the battle against Melchior and his ally, the Dark Knight. With his last gasp, Leo makes a vow to Dyshana to be the 'Spirit Vessel,' a position which carries through to Leonhardt's descendents. The pact is a contract of spirit and can’t be avoided. Leonhardt gains extraordinary power from the pact, and this power saves Ellis… and later ends the war in Lucrellia.


Leonhardt possess an fit, slightly toned body built befitting a man of his age, height, and former nobility. He has a fair skin complexion, with light-brown, somewhat spiky hair, and hazel colored eyes. His main attire is a white, knee-length open double-breasted redingote coat, with a down-turned collar, two rectangular shoulder pads on each shoulder, an a slit in the tail. He wears black, half way unzipped leather vest with an unturned collar, over an black turtleneck shirt, and an gold, watch shaped pendant, with a black symbol at the front, black fingerless gloves, black leather jeans, with an blade-like piece on the zipper, and finally grey knee-length steel-tipped boots with black sides and soles, with the metal being colored gold.


Leonhardt is an very noble, refined, and determined young man, almost always addressing someone with proper mannerism, and those of of higher social standing or military rank with respect. He has a strong sense of justice and will do anything and everything within his power to save an innocent, no matter how the consequences affect him or those around him, since he believe that is how an knight should act, and will slay his own countrymen if he must. He is exetremely impulsive and headstrong, willing to recklessly rush into dangerous situations with barely an second thought of his safety, face powerful enemies or attack them without an proper plan, or consideration, and will rescue someone without considering how they ended up in that situation, or even ask for their name. However, when in command of an military force or planning an military operation, most of Leonhardt's reckless tendencies are repressed, and he display an more composed side of him, likely due to the fact that he is in charge of many people's lives, and that just charging into battle will result in the deaths of many of solders.

Leonhardt is normally straightforward, calm, and confident when dealing with military affairs, however, when he is in any form of casual situation he becomes surprisingly withdrawn and antisocial. He mostly stays out of the general conversations of the party, and is generally speechless when suddenly put on the spot or by teasing from either Vira-Lorr or Luana. He is very inexperienced in romantic matters regarding the Maidens and generally can't see the feelings some of them have for him. Because of this fact, It usually the Maidens who generally have to either make advances on him, or he must forced by some of his other companions to court them.



Love Interests




As a child, Leonhardt grew up as the only son of Lord Raglan, head of House Raglan and who was in charge of Gridamas's military forces, Leonhardt doesn't remember much of his childhood beside the swordsmanship lessons with his father, so how he spent the days of his youth are unknown. But, at one point fourteen years age, his father held a party at the family manor, he found a young Elaine, who grew bored from the entire affair, and decide to play with Leonhardt outside, even after falling into a fountain and being soaking wet. At one point, his family's dog nearly attacked Elaine, Leonhardt managed to distract it with a large bone while Elaine,(thinking the dog was a monster), ran inside to tell the family butler. After this act, Elaine's father, Lord Rubech, decided to finalize the arranged marriage between the two of them, Leonhardt was never told about this and would later forget the entire affair.

A few years before the events of the first generation, House Raglan was brought to ruin by the combined efforts of Braham, Melchior, and Lord Klavis; the three of them sought for Gridamas to stage an invasion of the northeastern part of Lucrellia, known simply as the Frontier to expand Gridamas's power, his father opposed the idea, as such the three brought about his death, and the fall of the his noble line. After being told to not seek revenge by his dying father, Leonhardt managed to escape from the disaster, and would enlist into the army to rebuild his family name, His fighting abilities, military tactics, and the completion of the many dangerous missions he was assigned to, let him climb the ranks to Regiment Leader, (the equivalent to the rank of Colonel in some countries), and was put in command of the 11th Regiment and became the assistant official of the Frontier Garrison under Musaka, the commander of the 9th Regiment, and overall commander of the entire frontline.


Leo's Sword: Leonhadrt's signature weapon also known as the Sword of Oaths, a longsword with a seemlingy golden blade, it's design and Leonhardt's fierce swordplay, is the reason why he is called Golden Leo. The blade is actually not made of gold, due to gold being a poor metal to use in weaponry, but of material not found in Lucrellia or anywhere else in Agarest.

Powers and Abilities

Combat Abilities

Master Swordsman: Leonhardt's swordsmanship is his most recognized skill and only real form of combat. His reputation as a swordsman is known throughout all of Lucrellia, and is feared by all low-ranking soldiers and some even run away from him, ever Marquis Braham, a confident man and skilled warrior, is wary to face him in combat, and only Melchior is equal to him in swordplay in all of Gridamas, and possibly all of Lucrellia.

Keen Intellect: In terms of military tactics, Leonhardt is capable leader with quick deduction skills and able to think of the bigger picture of a situation. However, this doesn't extend to social events which he had little interest back in Gridamas, this is most telling in romantic affairs, with the maidens taking the lead and Leo normally following along.

Expert Military Tactician: Leonhardt is an experienced leader, having lead his former regiment, and newfound comrades with great proficiency, he is capable of quickly assessing a situation and doesn't worry about the small details, like how will they carry out their attack or question why as it is unavoidable. Leonhardt normally plans to end an conflict as soon as possible, and will attack an army at its weakest point or surprising angle to demoralize the enemies if it can end the battle with a minimal amount of lives lost in the process, even if it put himself and his soldiers at risk.

Spirit Vessel Abilities

Spirit Vessel Powers: The powers given to Leonhardt after Dyshana revived him after his defeat and near-death experience by the blade of the Dark Knight. With this newfound power, his abilities are far below of that of his descendants, who grew up and trained with them for their entire lives, meaning that Leonhardt had to draw energy from other sources, like his sword, or his own life force for his first two Extra Skills, Howling Blade, and Raging Blast respectively.

  • Enhanced Combat Abilities: After his revival, Leonhardt gained improved fighting prowess, making him capable of fighting enemies beyond normal mortals with assisstance from his companions, like giant monsters, powerful demons like garvels, and even defeat a Gurg, (however, the Gurg in question, was not fighting at its full strength.)
  • Enhanced Spiritual Energy:


The special abilities that are formed from the key aspects of Leonhardt's character, abilities, and experience. He has four Willpowers in total.

  • Unleash All: This Willpower is Leonhardt's first Willpower, and the core of the power he received from Dyshana. This is an last chance, high-risk, high reward type of willpower that actives when Leonhardt is in critical condition. Unleash All increases his Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magical Attack, and Magical Defense substantially while it is actived.
  • Energy: This Willpower is Leonhardt's second Willpower, and is the result of Leonhardt's charisma. This Willpowers increase the amount of AP of the characters in his Extended Area will gain at the start of their turn by the amount of people in it. Side note: "Energy" gives one AP from the will power itself and one AP for Leo, and one AP for each character in his extended area not counting bonuses from bonus abilities like AP up, AP up+, and AP up++ also note these bonus abilities affect Leo's AP gain during "Energy". Characters in his extended area only gain a max of 7 AP from "Energy" if six characters are in Leo's extended area during the start of his turn.
  • Parry: This Willpower is Leonhardt's third Willpower, and the result of his mastery of swordsmanship. This Willpower allows him to avoid most types of physical attacks expect -absolute hits- when Leonhardt is in critical condition.
  • Genius: This Willpower is Leonhardt's final Willpower, and the result of his tactical skills in battle. This Willpower allows Leonhardt to minimize the amount of AP used when he is using an skill, but not when is he is moving. A side note "Genius" lowers the amount of AP needed for skills, items, and extra skills by 25%. An example is the "Double Edge" general skill, it normally needs 8 AP to be used but if "Genius" is active the AP cost drops from 8 to 6 AP(8%.25=6). If Leonhardt has a low cost skill like "Heal" equipped and he gets the AP cost down from 8 to 6 he can use "Heal" on himself multiple times to gain 10 SP with each use, if he has a minimum amount of say 60 base AP in ONE turn he can gain 100 SP, if he stockpiles his AP to a full 120 he can get 200 SP in ONE turn. This is very helpful during difficult boss fights like Nemesis, Mobius, and Deeth as he can get a minimum of 400 SP and use "Shining Blaze" while still keeping "Genius" active after laying down the law on the boss.

Character Stats

Starting level: 1
Class: Spirit Vessel Stats Leonhardt.jpg
Average Statistic Spread
New class: Shining Knight
Weapons: Sword, Greatsword
Role in party: Warrior
Skill Slots


General General
General General
Power Power
Power Power
Class change


Fire Fire
Extra Extra
Rank Base Statistic Class Change Bonus
STR A 13 0
VIT B 11 0
AGI C 8 8
INT C 7 8
LUK B 7 9
AP 16 7
MOV 3 1
HP 336 1350
Extended area
x : Character
■ : Extended area
Will Power
Unleash All
Activated when at less than 25% of max HP. Substantially increases physical damage, defense, magic damage, and magic defense.

Learn at lvl 10

Increases AP gain of the characters within the extended area.

Learn at lvl 16

Activated when at less than 25% of max HP. Evades all physical attacks except -absolute hit- attacks.

Learned at LV24.

Activated after accumulating more than 150 SP. Reduces the amount of AP used for all actions except movement.

Learns at LV32

Extra Skills
Howling Blade (ハウリングブレイド, Hāringu Bureido)
Releases the energy created when the Spirit Vessel and the Sword of Oaths combine.
Type: General General
<acronym title="Attack">ATT</acronym> <acronym title="Magic">MAG</acronym> <acronym title="Range">RNG</acronym> <acronym title="Break">BRK</acronym> <acronym title="Effect">EFF</acronym> <acronym title="Attribute">ATR</acronym> <acronym title="Used AP">AP</acronym> <acronym title="Used SP">SP</acronym> <acronym title="Attack hits">AH</acronym> <acronym title="Magic hits">MH</acronym>
150 0 4 742 0 None 18 50 1 0
Raging Blast (レイジングブラスト, Reijingu Burasuto)
The user runs across the battlefield, wreathed in light, and draws upon their own life force to fire a blast of energy at the target.

Learns at LV25

Type: General General
<acronym title="Attack">ATT</acronym> <acronym title="Magic">MAG</acronym> <acronym title="Range">RNG</acronym> <acronym title="Break">BRK</acronym> <acronym title="Effect">EFF</acronym> <acronym title="Attribute">ATR</acronym> <acronym title="Used AP">AP</acronym> <acronym title="Used SP">SP</acronym> <acronym title="Attack hits">AH</acronym> <acronym title="Magic hits">MH</acronym>
300 0 1 3675 0 32 100 3 0
Shining Blaze (シャイニングブレイズ, Shariningu Bureizu)
Leonhardt's ultimate technique. This technique transforms the fire of determination in Leonhardt's soul into physical power, and slashes through the darkness
Type: General General
<acronym title="Attack">ATT</acronym> <acronym title="Magic">MAG</acronym> <acronym title="Range">RNG</acronym> <acronym title="Break">BRK</acronym> <acronym title="Effect">EFF</acronym> <acronym title="Attribute">ATR</acronym> <acronym title="Used AP">AP</acronym> <acronym title="Used SP">SP</acronym> <acronym title="Attack hits">AH</acronym> <acronym title="Magic hits">MH</acronym>
600 0 1 7150 0 50 250 7 0


  • Leonhardt's name is a combination of the Greek 'Leon', which means "Lion", and German 'Hardt', which means "Brave", and together means "Brave Lion."

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