Luana (ルアナ, Ruana)
(CV: Ryōko Shintani)
Full name: Luana Raglan (if chosen) Family  
CG Luana
Race: Human If Chosen:
Leonhardt (Husband)
Ladius (Son, Blue Armor)
Valeria / Yayoi / Sherufanir (Daughter-in-law)
Thoma (Grandson)
Lavinia / Faina / Noah (Granddaughter-in-law)
Duran (Great Grandson)
Hildegard / Silvi / Ryuryu (Great Granddaughter-in-law)
Rex (Great Great Grandson)
Generation: First Generation
Joins at: Kushina Valley (True Path)
Rigulus (Alternative Path)
Age: 17
Height: 157cm (5'2)

Luana is one of the three females chosen by Dyshana during the first generation. She grows up in a small village in the Frontier, but becomes orphaned after the Gridamas invasion. Since then, she develops a strong feeling towards Gridamas worse than hate. However, Luana doesn’t let that feeling show at all, and tries her best to act cheerfully.

Since she was left as an orphan, Luana grows up in Rigulus and pretends to be a traveling entertainer, in order to gather information about Gridamas to aid her vengeance. As she meets various people on her journey, she begins to wonder if revenge is the right answer. Around the same time, Luana meets Leonhardt and asks him if she can come along.

Luana is an idol in Lucrellia, and people gather just to see her. Her performance skill is as good as her looks. She’s liked by many people as she takes good care of others, no matter who the person is.


Luana is young woman in her late teen's and is below average height, with an fair skin complexion, emerald green eyes, long blond hair that reach her upper back, with an fringe the splits at the center, and an dancer's body built. Her main attire is a white corset with black, frilly straps, four flaps attached to it, with the one on the front right has a stylized pink cross on it, and black lines on front and edges, an black choker with a small cross attached to it, black opera gloves, and a black horizontal bow on her head, with pink ends, and long, and wide pink tails. She wears white, high cut briefs, with two, thigh-length, double layered tutu skirt that is opened in the front, with an black waist ribbon, the first layer, is a simple black skirt with white edges, and the second layer, is an simple pleated pink. Finally, she wear fishnet stockings attached to an black garter belt, and black dancing shoes.

At the city of Chalcis, while trying on some new clothes she just brought, Luana once tried on combination of a black leather bustier that can be unzipped from the front, white panties with black sides, black thighs highs attached to an white garter belt with black marks on the top portions (in the PS3 version she instead wear black short shorts, with red and white markings on the sides). She wanted to wear an green skirt, but it was too small for her to properly fit in. At Fuvelmill Lake, Luana discard her bow and just wears an simple black tank top and white bell skirt while massaging Fyuria.

If chosen by Leonhardt by the end of the First Generation; Luana's wedding dress would be an floor-length gown with A-line bodice that opens out at below the waist arena, it has golding lining near the bottom, an gold symbol at the center, and two bows at each side with long ribbon tails and two light-red roses on each of them. She wear an white thigh-length headdress with an small red jewel at the center, an pearl necklace, two detached shoulder cloths, white formal gloves and she holds an bouquet of light-red roses in her hands. Under the bodice is an triple layered ballroom skirt, with the first layer being an light red color with gold patten near the edge, and last two are just simply pure white.




Paired Breakers:

Powers and Abilities

Combat Abilities

Expert Breaker User:

Espionage Expert:

Natural Abilities

Above-Average Speed:

Magical Abilities

Expert Magic User:

Skilled Illusionist

Character Stats

Starting level: 6
Class: Dancer Stats Luana
Average Statistic Spread
New class: Phantasmist
Weapons: Breaker
Role in party: Battle Mage
Skill Slots


Special Special
Special Special
General General
Fire Fire
Class change


Fire Fire
Water Water
Rank Base Statistic Class Change Bonus
STR D 11 13
VIT D 10 13
AGI C 16 0
INT C 15 0
LUK C 18 0
AP 16 7
MOV 4 1
HP 360 750
Extended area
x : Character
■ : Extended area
Will Power
Heavenly Sense
Increases item drop and steal rate.
Activated with 100 SP and over.

Every Physical attack will hit the enemy.

Kill Switch
Activate with 100 SP and over.

Increases acuracy and critical hit rate.

Increases AP gain of the characters within the extended area at the start of the turn.

Extra Skills
Firewall (ファイアウォール, Faia Wōru)
Magic That summons a wall of flame to burns the target.
Type: Fire Fire
0 150 4 660 0 Fire 18 50 0 2
Rainbow Dance (レインボーダンス, Reinbō Dansu)
A technique based on a ritual dance. Has a chance to steal a rare item
Type: Special Special
300 0 4 3450 50 Special 32 100 12 0
Prism Break (プリズムブレイク, Purizu Bureiku)
The Ultimate art of Luana

Traps a target in a dimension of light and illusion, the light dances with sorrow and melancholy, then slashes the target with a seven-colored breaker, it causes a critical hit at a certain rate.

Type: Special Special
637 637 5 6200 30 Special 50 250 18 8