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The Nelths are a race whose members are of very small stature. On average, they are significantly shorter and physically much weaker than Greer but taller than Rem Lorient. They are akin to Gnomes or Hobbits of some other fantasy worlds. They seem to be a race that have smooth skin. Because of their small size they are often mistaken for children but like most of the races, they have a long life. While it may just be Plum, female Nelths seem to have strong motherly instincts, even taking care of people a lot larger than them. Nelths are excellent craftsmen and artisans. They are able to make detailed, powerful adornments, and are known for their enchanting abilities. Also, they can be adventurers who look for treasures and troubles. They are close allies/rivals to their close neighbour the Greers, as they often enchant the weapons and armors that Greers make. Unlike Greers, they are not physically strong. However, they make up for that with their magic and speed.

In Agarest Zero: The Nelths, along with the Greers, designed the "Key" that freed Hass Calinou from his seal in the "Scarred Mountains" and assist him in the forging of the "Gems of Might."

Playable Characters

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Agarest Zero Nelth Party Members

There is no playable Nelth in Agarest Zero

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There is no playable Nelth In Agarest 2

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