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Basic Information

Created by the goddess Deeth, Neocoloms are a race of people who appear human with the substitution of animal, mainly of the mammal category, parts for various body parts or the addition of animal parts like ears and a tail (similar to an animé catgirl). Some Neocoloms seem to become wild and uncontrollable, or even sexually aroused, during a full moon, as seen by Sherufanir, Qua, Tetora, Felenne, and Saika who all happen to be female Neocoloms (though each of them reacted to different extents). It is currently unknown if male Neocoloms also become this way during such times. Because of their animal tendencies, they seem to be one of the fastest races in Agarest.

In Agarest 1, two different types of Neocoloms seem to exist, as seen by the two Neocolom party members. Sherufanir is fox-like while Qua is rabbit-like. Incidentally, they are both female. Only Sherufanir's father is mentioned as male Neocolom.

In Agarest Zero, a third subspecies has been revealed, the cat-like Neocolom, Tetora. Given that this character is more human then animal, it can be assumed that the Neko enemies aren't true Neocoloms but rather Beastmen. Ironically this character seems to be a mage type rather then a fighter type.

In Agarest 2, two more subspecies are introduced. One is the lion-like Neocolom, which party member Felenne and the NPC Guardian Elder Fyuren are. The other is the dog-like Neocolom which Ingrit and her grandfather Milzam are (these two are also NPCs).

Playable Characters

Agarest Neocolom Party Members


Full Neocolom

Avatar Qua.jpg

1/2 Neocolom

Avatar Sherufanir.jpg
1/2 Human

1/4 Neocolom (if Sherufanir is chosen)

May also be 1/4 Syrium.

Will also be partially human (either 1/2 or 3/4).

Avatar Thoma3.jpg
(Blue Suit)

1/8 Neocolom (if Sherufanir is chosen)

May also be 1/8 Syrium, and 1/4 High Elf and 1/4 Dark Elf.

Will also be partially human (human genetics can vary from 1/4 up to 7/8).

Avatar Duran3.jpg

1/16 Neocolom (if Sherufanir is chosen)

May also be 1/16 Syrium, 1/8 High Elf and 1/8 Dark Elf, and 1/2 Harpuia.

Will also be partially human (human genetics can vary from 1/8 up to 15/16).

Avatar Rex3.jpg

Agarest Zero Neocolom Party Members


Full Neocolom

Avatar Tetora.jpg

Agarest 2 Neocolom Party Members


Full Neocolom

Firiine Avatar.jpg

1/2 Neocolom (if Felenne is chosen)

Will also be 1/2 human.

Schwarz Avatar.jpg
(Blue Jacket)

1/4 Neocolom (if Felenne is chosen)

May also be 1/2 Harpuia or 1/2 Oneltes.

Will also be partially human (either 1/4 or 3/4).

Gray Avatar.jpg

Agarest Mariage Neocolom Party Members

Non-Playable Characters

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  • 5 subspecies of Neocoloms have been introduced so far.
    • Fox-like (Sherufanir)
    • Rabbit-like (Qua)
    • Cat-like (Tetora)
    • Lion-like (Felenne and Fyuren)
    • Dog-like (Ingrit and Milzam)
  • When a Neocolom has a half-breed child, the child will inherit the animal parts of the parent. Sherufanir, who is 1/2 Neocolom and 1/2 Human, is proof of this. Strangely, this concept is not applied to Rex's child if Qua is chosen as his wife for the True End (the child does not have the rabbit ears and tail). The same goes for Schwarz in Agarest 2. If Felenne is chosen as his mother, he will be 1/2 Neocolom but will not have the lion ears and tail.
  • Apparently, anyone who is less than 1/2 Neocolom will not inherit animal parts. This has been proven in Agarest 1 with Thoma. If Sherufanir is chosen as Thoma's mother, he will be 1/4 Neocolom but will not have the fox ears and tail.
  • So far, Harpuia and Neocoloms are the only 2 races that have been shown to pass on their non-human visible traits to half-breed children.