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Ackrite Snow Field
┣ 1. Place of Glories Past
┗ Orville Permafrost
 ┣ East
 ┃┣ 2. Room of Keen Blades
 ┃┗ A. Tawaut Wind Drift
 ┣ West
 ┃┣ 3. Insane Princess Room
 ┃┣ B. Martel Northwest Road
 ┃┣ 4. Wily Retainer Room
 ┃┣ 5. Crazed Wise King Room
 ┃┗ C. Schlengler Ice Palace
 ┗ South
  ┣ 6. Aggrieved King Room
  ┗ Qasarnia Junction
   ┣ South
   ┃┣ 7. Greedy Monk Room
   ┃┗ D. Grotius Ice Road
   ┗ East
    ┣ 8. Rebel General Room
    ┗ E. Savatier Death-Cry Way



1. Place of Glories Past: Sea Bat x3-4, Gargoyle x2-3, Angel x2-3

2. Room of Keen Blades: Sea Bat x2-3, Gargoyle x2-3, Angel x2-3, Giant Squid x1

3. Insane Princess Room: Giant Squid x1-2, Basilisk x2-4, Water Pudding x2-4, Black Dragon x1-2

4. Wily Retainer Room: Basilisk x2-3, Magic Lord x2-3, Yeti x1-2, Black Dragon x1-2, Sandworm x1

5. Crazed Wise King Room: Angel x4-5, Yeti x1-2, Fenrir x1-2, Sandworm x1

6. Aggrieved King Room: Giant Squid x1-2, Sea Bat x2-3, Gargoyle x2-3, Angel x2-3

7. Greedy Monk Room: Angel x3-4, Yeti x1, Black Dragon x1-2

8. Rebel General Room: Water Pudding x2-4, Black Dragon x1-2, Giant Squid x1-2, Sandworm x1


A. Tawaut Wind Drift: VIT Up+ x1, Hermes Ring x1, Force Frame x1

B. Martel Northwest Road: Lapis Noster x1, Marfile Seed x1

C. Schlengler Ice Palace: LUK Up+ x1, Three Stars x1

D. Grotius Ice Road: Meteoric Iron x1, Liquid Fire x1

E. Savatier Death-Cry Way: AGI Up+ x1, Aura Ring x1, Resist Frame x1