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Basic Information

Onerthes are a race of beings that look very similar to humans except that they have a third eye in their forehead; a triclops race, in other words. According to Vira-Lorr's profile, this race tries to hide their third eye to blend in with humans and hide from persecution, although they themselves don't like it as it seems to hurt them.They seem to use jewelery or cloth to hide their third eye, such as Cal-Vina's bandages and Li Ra Lua's headband. Vira-Lorr is an exception to this. She is a maverick who allows her eye to be seen. It is known that most of this race has the power to see into the future, according to Cal-Vina's profile, though his powers are very limited. It seem they have a habit of naming their children with two words with a dash in between ie "Vira" + "-" + "Lorr" or "Cal" + "-" + " Vina". This race seems to be the rarest in Agarest, with Vira-Lorr being the only one seen or mentioned in the first game. Their abilities are susceptable of being clouded by build-ups of great dark power from beings such as Summerill or by great catastrophes like the "Day of Light."

Playable Characters

Agarest Onerthes Party Members


Full Onerthes

Avatar Vira-Lorr.jpg

Agarest Zero Onerthes Party Members


Full Onerthes

Avatar Cal-Vina.jpg

Agarest 2 Onerthes Party Members


Full Onerthes

Ra Ri=Rua Avatar.jpg
Li Ra-Lua

1/2 Onerthes (if Li Ra-Lua is chosen)

May also be 1/4 Neocolom.

Will also be partially human (either 1/4 or 1/2).

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(Purple Jacket)

Non-Playable Characters

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