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The 12 Races of Agarest

Here is a list of the races that were created by the 12 Gods of Agarest. There are 12 races, each one created by 1 God. High Elves and Dark Elves are separate beings created by different Gods while Elves (Commons) are the descendants of the High Elves.

Gods and the Races of the Boundary Plane

Gods, Agents, and Larva are all beings that live in the Boundary Plane. The Gods created the world of Agarest, while Agents and Larva are similar to them but less powerful, thus they are considered by some to be "lesser Gods."

Empowered Races of Agarest

Spirit Vessels, Maidens of the Pillar, and Guardians are all beings that wield power bestowed upon them by the Gods and/or their Agents. They each have specific roles to play on Agarest dictated to them by the Gods themselves or by their Agents. Technically, these beings are not races of their own because a mortal of any of the 12 races can be made into a Spirit Vessel, a Maiden of the Pillar, or a Guardian. However, they are often referred to in ways that make them seem like they are.

Corrupted or Wild Races

These are beings that have either being corrupted by something or are wild beasts with humanoid features. They are most often seen as enemies in random fights.


Goblins are creatures of darkness usually found in small bands or tribes. They are submissive to orcs and gavrels, and are commonly used as cannon fodder. This category includes Goblins, Hobgoblins, Goblin Mages, and Goblin Kings.


Orcs are larger and more dangerous than Goblins, though fewer in numbers. They may have great physical strength, but they also lack intelligence. Orcs, Bull Orcs, Orc Mages, and Orc Lords are some of the types of Orcs found in Agarest.


These rarely-seen creatures have the strength and intelligence to force lesser dark creatures to do their bidding. They were created by Summerill through the corrupting of elves and high elves.


These half-human, half-animal creatures possess more animalistic features than the race of Neocoloms. Example are the Werecat or Cat Lady, which has catlike features but a human shape; or the Lycanthrope and Werewolf. Beastmen seem to possess much of their animal natures and their throats are incapable of human speech, merely uttering "meows" or "nya." Learned beastmen can understand human languages. Like the Neocoloms, Beastmen are very fast creatures capable of crossbreeding with humans. Children from these mixed pairs are called demihumans.


Demihumans are the offspring of humans and beastmen. Because intercourse between these races is considered perversion, these relationships are not considered acceptable in human society. The offspring usually must live in beastman tribes. Because of their dual breeding, demihumans have high intellect and suprisingly high inborn magic skills, thus making them capable and effective chieftains. Their appearance is more human than beastman, but their personality (inherited from their beastman ancestor) is brutal and impulsive. Demihumans do not create their own societies, as their kind is too rare. Because demihumans exist as halfbreeds, they can continue to breed with full humans or with beastmen. If either aspect becomes dominant in further progeny, offspring could become pureblood human or beastman.

Divine (Angels)

Divine (Angels) are remnants of previous gods' armies. Left behind after the wars, Divines formed small tribes and settled in places connected to their former masters, in hopes that the masters would return one day to provide them further reasons for existence. They are not aggresive by nature, but react hostilely when someone or something intrudes in their territories. Some settlements can be found in Mulan Gem Cave, where "holy" meteor ore (once used by the gods for their creations) is stored. As to be expected from former soldiers of gods, Divine are great warriors capable of flying, and can use humanoid equipment and advanced magic.


Larva that have been corrupted by Summerill are called gurgs. With the sole exception of their leader, gurgs are deprived of free will, merely puppets forced to do Summerill's bidding.