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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Record of Agarest War?

It is a strategy RPG that uses an action point combat system. The main story is about a hero and his descendants fighting against the forces of darkness. This game is full of fan service and a lot of sexual innuendo.

Record of Agarest War was developed by Compile Heart, the makers of Astonishia Story, Cross Edge, Trinity Universe and Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Is this a hentai game?

No. The scantily-clad female characters are just a marketing ploy to draw some attention towards the game.

D'aww. =(

What language will the audio be in?

The game will retain the original Japanese audio. In other words, it will not be dubbed in English.

What are action points?

Action points determine how much action a player or unit can do in a single turn. Action points are often implemented to add some strategic value to a game. The actions can things such as movements, combos, special attacks, or certain items. There are several games that use action points such as Xenogears, Valkyrie Profile, Fallout 3 and a variety of other RPGs.

What are SP (Special Points)?

Special Points are the points required to use a character's EX attack. They are gained through dealing or receiving damage, and when an ally or enemy is defeated in battle.

Is it true that this game has a lot of level grinding?

Yes and no. It depends on your skill level. Like any game, if you learn the core gameplay and mechanics, you can beat this game with miniumum to no level grinding. Placement is the key to victory. Good placement far outweighs good stats. If you play by brute force, you are setting yourself up for a ton of meaningless grinding.

What are Gold, EP, TP, PP, BP?

The five main currencies of Record of Agarest War.

Currency Information

Can be used to buy items, and upgrade weapons.

You can earn gold from battles, titles, selling items, or Vacation Days (Zero only).

EP (Enchantment Points)

Can be used to upgrade weapons/armor/accessories.

You can earn EP from battles, titles, or Vacation Days (Zero only).

TP (Technical Points)

Can be used to exchange for items in the Adventurer's Guild.

You can gain TP from battles, titles, a high combo count in battle, or Vacation Days (Zero only).

PP (Party Points)

Permanent stat boost to a party member.

You can gain PP from storyline battles, titles, or Vacation Days (Zero only).

BP (Battle Points)

Permanent stat to boost a party member when a character levels up.

You can accumulate BP by choosing to not use them at the level up screen.

Which character is the best?

It depends on your stategy or play style. Most people consider Plum or Routier (Record Zero) to be the best ones due to their SP boosting EX2 ability.

How should I distribute my BP or PP points?

It depends on your character, strategy, or play style. In general, it's better to distribute your points toward offense due to the gameplay and mechanics of this game.

Stats Information


"Strength" (Power)

The higher the value, the higher the ATK and HIT.

1 point of Strength = +6 damage

2 points of Strength = +1 Hit


"Vitality" (Stamina)

The higher the value, the higher the DEF. It affects the increment of HP when you level up.1

1 point of Vit = 3 Defense + HP (depending on stat growth)


"Agility" (Speed)

The higher the value, the higher the AVD. It also affects your turn order.

2 points of Agi = 1 Avoid



The higher the value, the higher the MAG and RST. It increases the success rate and evasion rate for status changes.

+ 1 point of Int = 6 Mag + 4 Rst



The higher the value, the higher the AVD and HIT. It also influences several other things such as critical hit or monster capture.

2 points of Luk = 1 Hit + 1 Avd

  • 1Note: It may be that the increment is only applied once per end of combat level (a character that levels multiple times at once does not seem to gain as much HP as if the character had recieved increments for each level seperately). In addition, although pumping Vitality may give a sizeable HP boost during the storyline battles, it should be noted that max HP caps at 99,999 (at least in RoAW: Zero) and that the cap will be reached by all characters long before they reach maximum level. In other words, investing in Vitality first/last or not at all will have no effect on a character's endgame HP.

Character Distribution For Offense

When distributing stats you should factor in ex3, willpower, skill set,and stat growth.

(Fighter = Str) (Mage = INT) (Battle Mage = Can go either way) (Variable = Depends on Choices)

Record of Agarest of War 1
Generation Characters Stat Distribution
1 Leonhardt Fighter
1 Fyuria Battle Mage. Mage>Fighter
1 Luana Battle Mage. Fighter>Mage
1 Elaine Fighter
1 Ellis Mage
1 Borgnine Fighter
1 Vira-Lorr Mage
1 Zerva Mage
1 Winfield Fighter
2 Ladius Variable
2 Valeria Fighter
2 Yayoi Mage
2 Sherufanir Fighter
2 Vashtor Fighter
2 Arbol Battle Mage. Mage>Fighter
2 Sharona Battle Mage. Mage>Fighter
3 Thoma Variable
3 Lavinia Battle Mage. Fighter>Mage
3 Faina Mage
3 Noah Fighter
3 Plum Mage
3 Ganz Fighter
3 Alberti Fighter
4 Duran Variable
4 Hilda Fighter
4 Silvi Battle Mage. Fighter>Mage
4 Ryuryu Mage
4 Qua Fighter
4 Fer Fighter. Better suited as thief with high luck and agility
4 Reverie Battle Mage. Mage>Fighter.
5 Rex Variable
5 Dyshana Mage
5 Beatrice Fighter
5 Murmina Fighter

Record of Agarest of War Zero
Generation Character Stat Distribution
1 Sieghart Variable
1 Friedelinde Fighter
1 Routier Mage
1 Sayane Fighter
1 Mimel Mage
1 Alice Mage
1 Eugene Fighter
1 Tetora Battle Mage. Fighter=Mage
1 Galios Fighter
1 Cal-Vina Mage
2 Leonis Variable
2 Apli Mage
2 Shernini Battle Mage. Mage>Fighter
2 Dana Fighter
2 Niel Fighter

What is monster capture? What are the advantages/disadvantages of monster capture?

What is Record of Agarest War Zero?

It is prequel of the original game, Record of Agarest War. The events in Record of Agarest War Zero take place 1,000 years before Record of Agarest War.

What's different in this game compared to the first one?

+ New story mode, events, characters and post game content.

+ Class customization for your main protagonist.

+ Some new EX moves and combo for new characters.

+ Added Digest mode. Digest mode is an abridged version of the first game.

+ Able to capture high level monsters such as gods.

+ Turn counter and link gauge have been removed, and are therefore no longer a requirement for the True Ending.

+ New dungeon layout. They are now many individual stages rather than one big stage.

+ Added sim like elements called "Vacation Days". Vacation Days are similar to Sakura Wars dating scenes.

+ Item registration in Vacation days.

+ Several formulas have been changed. All stat ranks went up by a point and the "alchemy trick" is significantly weaker.

+ Heroes have roughly 3 times less HP. Enemies have more HP (hard to say, but ~15% more). Weapons have more attack and magic powers (~25% more). Armors have more defense and resist (~100% more). Enemies deals roughly 3 times less damages. In the end, there is no difference in battle: you destroy as quickly as in Agarest and you get destroyed as quickly as before.

+ Stat values are not visually capped at 9999 in status screen (for heroes and enemies).

+ There is no easy difficulty setting.That being said, the game itself is a bit less brutal than Agarest (just a bit, not by much).

+ The tutorial explains the game mechanics much better.

+ Characters are animated during story events or in town.

+ The game itself is much shorter than Agarest.

+ The Capture skill success rate is more dependant of the heroes' Dark attribute.

What is Digest Mode?

Digest mode is an abridged version of the first game, Record of Agarest War. Abridged means "to reduce the length of (a written text); condense". All the main storyline events are accessable. Some content from the previous installment, Record of Agarest War, has been removed such as: choosing your wife, the camp fire scenes with the heroines to adjust their love rate, and normal encounters have been removed.

In Digest mode, your final outcome will always be the same. You will always get the True Ending regardless of the decisions you made, unlike in the first game.

How do I access Digest mode?

You can access Digest Mode through two methods: beat the original Record of Agarest War then load that save or beat Record Zero. Digest mode is only accessable on Extra mode (aka hard mode). Once you beat a few story events in Record Zero, a new stage will open up called the "Door of Destiny". Click on it to enter Digest mode.

How do I unlock more Generations in Digest Mode?

Each generation will unlock according to progression of Record Zero. The game will tell you when you unlock a new digest mode generation.

Generation 1 - Early in Generation 1, after visiting Trizon Fortress for the first time.
Generation 2 - Middle of Generation 1, after visiting Bethesda Fortress.
Generation 3 - Start of Generation 2.
Generation 4- Middle of Generation 2, after clearing Logar Forest.
Generation 5 - Near the end of Generation 2, after defeating Vashtor in Scarred Mountains.
God battles - Beat Digest mode.
Fight Chaos - Beat all the gods.
Boundary Plane - Obtain True Ending for Record Zero.
Open remainder of boundary edge - Clear both digest mode and boundary plane (True End post game content).

I meet the requirements to unlock other Digest stages, why aren't the stages opening up?

Go back to Generation one for Record Zero and click on the Door of Destiny to unlock more stages.

How do you make money fast?

Use Ex Steal to steal rare weapons from monsters.

How do I unlock Boundary Plane?

1) Get True Ending.

2) Go to Trizon Fortress (after loading clear save), see an event.

3) Go to Narvende Mine (Quest). New stages will open up. Beat them to access the Boundary Plane.

I followed the monster guide, but I can't find a certain monster?

These monsters come in a non-fixed map. There is a chance a monster might appear in that map.

I'm trying to get Title 115: Rare Animal Hunter but I can't find either Miesha, Mucranes, Luijts, and Clione. Any tips for finding them?

There's a reason why it's called "rare animal", because they're rare. These monsters will appear by the luck of the draw. Some people will have an easier time finding them, while others will have a harder time finding them.

Any tips to unlocking a certain Achievement/Trophy?

Time and Again - Special Art (combine EX skills) with RoAW and RoAW Zero characters. Alice and Ellis being the easiest to do.