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Introduced in Agarest Zero, Rem Lorient are a new race to the series. They are the Agarest version of fairies. This race is the tiniest race in Agarest. They have pretty butterfly wings, big round eyes, and have the appearance of a small child. Despite their appearance, they are a greatly respected race, as Thrisasaz keeps in contact with Apli, and are very polite and mature to other people. It should be noted that despite similar appearances, they are not related to the Fairy enemies that the party fights. As one would expect of fairy-like RPGs, they have great magical abilities. The Rem Lorient size does not change very much overtime, despite being one of the oldest races in the world of Agarest. The Rem Lorient do not grow old and are almost immortal after reaching a certain age, they undergo a metamorphas and become Larvas. much like the Ryulents become Great trees after reaching a certain age. It is believed that the Larvas that are not summoned from The Boundary Plane that don't belong to the forces darkness are Rem Lorient that have been transformed.

In Agarest Zero: The Rem Lorient are given to paths to follow life; either A: Serve an Larvae under the command of the Armies of Light. Or B: Live the rest of their lives in their forest homes in isolation. The only expection to this is Apli who's vast wander lust had cause her to travel all over both Kralataria and Findeste.

In Agarest 2: The Rem Lorient; along with the Ryulent and High Elves are now extinct

Playable Characters

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There is no playable Rem Lorient In Agarest

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There is no playable Rem Lorient In Agarest 2

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