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Ryulents are a race of plant-like beings with human-like bodies similar to Ent in lord of the rings.. They are said to be born from plants. When they are ready to die, they journey the world to find a place to rest. Once they find a place, their bodies are planted and are turned into trees. Given that, it can be assumed that many of the forests in Agarest are made from this race. Ryulents are considered to be one of the strongest races in Agarest, even striking fear into the Beast. One swing from them could destroy a hill. They are also the most in tune with nature and as such have some magical abilities. Because of their plant-like bodies, they can easily hide in a forest. Their ability to communicate with plants ensures they won't get lost. The Ryulents are a race that will retaliate if a person tries to destroy their home or nature. They, however, are close to extinction with Arbol being the only Ryulent born in the centuries when Ladius met them.

Playable Characters

Agarest Ryulent Party Members


Full Ryulent

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Agarest Zero Ryulent Party Members

There is no playable Ryulents in Agarest Zero

Agarest 2 Ryulent Party Members

There is no playable Ryulents In Agarest 2

Non-Playable Characters

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