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  • Interestingly, there's at least one spot where, in heading back to locations you've already been to, you can skip battles by taking the long route around. Not that it's recommended because you'll miss out on events, but it's a fun thing to note.
  • You don't have an incredible amount of spare time this generation. Fast-tracking through quests without fighting battles will still take over 70 turns. Add in the couple of rare monsters required for titles and you're looking at a very tight time limit.
  • Even though the random locations can have a variety of different monsters some do have a higher chance of spawning certain monsters. Because of this the monsters listed are only an example of the type/tier of monsters you may find.

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D1: Alzai Fen

Alzai Fen.png

  • First screen: Go up to the next one.
  • Second screen: Go up all the way, then down a little to get to this little island which is home to a chest containing RodRISING ROD, now go left and down a bit to reach the next screen.
  • Third screen: A very straightforward path with nothing to get. Continue on.
  • Fourth screen: First of all, go down all the way to hike the treasure chest containing ArmorICE GUARD, then up a little and left to the next screen.
  • Fifth screen: A dead end, at the bottom you'll get a treasure chest containing Gun GEKKO. Now back to the previous screen.
  • Fourth screen: Go up all the way, to the sixth screen.
  • Sixth screen: Up we go but before changing screen, take a look at the islet a little further down that contains ItemSECRET ARTS III. Now, off you go to the next screen to fight a boss and end this dungeon.

D2: Ancient Forest / Alba Cape

Note: There is no boss in this dungeon.

The eastern entrance to this quest area is named Ancient Forest; the western entrance is named Alba Cape.

Ancient Forest.png

  • First screen: Plainly go down. There's nothing to do.
  • Second screen: Down again. Don't bother to search the large side area, just keep an eye to your right and you eventually will see a chest containing ItemBASIC SMITHING, then continue going down.
  • Third screen: You reached a vast area, and you're on its left side. You should notice a chest containing ArmorHARD SHELL, then go down to find a bridge. Take it and in this area you'll find a chest containing Dagger SHIELD SWORD. Go right a little to another bridge leading to a crescent-shaped zone with a chest containing the skill FIREBALL. Now, go left to cross the bridge and up to cross another bridge to exit back into the second screen, then take the bridge up and all the way to the left to exit to the fourth screen.
  • Fourth screen: This screen is a series of islets connected by small wooden bridges. It's pretty straigthforward, and by reaching the end of the screen you'll get a treasure chest containing ItemPLATINUM BULLION , now go left to exit.
  • Fifth screen: Last one too. Go straight and take a right on the promontory to get the chest with the most important item: ItemFORBIDDEN TOME I (there is one in each generation starting with this one). Jump down the promontory and go up to exit this dungeon.

D3: Closed Forest / Visionary Forest

Closed Forest.png

The part when you enter the forest first is named "Closed Forest" and the part when you exit it is named "Visionary Forest".

  • First screen: The bottom is straightforward, then you will arrive to a large zone with the path twisting to your right and a wooden bridge in front of you. Take the bridge, go forward to the next screen. After the bridge there is a chest with ItemESSENTIAL ARTS IX. After raiding the chest, go left through the gate to the Second screen.
  • Second screen: Dead end with two chests. The right one has the skill HARVEST HEAL and the left one has ItemSECRET ARTS IV. There's nothing more to do here so return to the previous screen. Note that this is one of only two areas where you can defeat a Miesha, which is required for Title 57 - Gem of Ripples.
  • First screen: Go all the way right and then up to find the exit to the next screen.
  • Third screen: Proceed up and and then take the bridge on the right to access the crescent-shaped area. You'll find a chest there with ItemVIT UP. Cross back over the bridge and go up. Cross the next bridge and you will find the exit to the next screen.
  • Fourth screen: Not far from the entrance is a chest containing ItemESSENTIAL ARTS X. Climb all the way up to the top (crossing three bridges), avoid the large stump by moving in front of it, and then proceed to the next screen.
  • Fifth screen: Last one -- go forward and it's over. Just before the exit you'll find the sixth chest containing ItemSECRET ARTS V.

D4: Grugund Kingdom

Gurgund Kingdom.png

Although this dungeon holds no real difficulties, it's cramed with treasure chests. It is a one-time dungeon, when completed, you will NEVER return here again.

  • First screen: Go forward.
  • Second screen: Move forward a bit and take the first path to the left. Whatever you do, don't go forward (toward the upper left part of the screen.)
  • Third screen: It's a long dead end with three rooms in its right side, just pay a visit to the first and the last room. The second is empty and is a waste of time.
  • Fourth screen: This is the first room where you'll find a chest that contains AccessoryFEATHER RING. Exit to the third screen.
  • Third screen: Ignore the next room. Go forward, there will be another room to your right (the last), enter it.
  • Fifth screen: Last room connected to third screen. There are two chests: on the right AccessoryCHARM OF FORCE, on the left AccessoryHAWK EYE. Return to third screen.
  • Third screen: Well, back to the second screen.
  • Second screen: Do not go up! Go right this time.
  • Sixth screen: Immediately to your left is a room. Pay it a little visit.
  • Seventh screen: This is the first room connected to the sixth screen. There are two chests: on the left AccessorySHARP SENSE, on the right ItemRECOVERY HERB, return to sixth screen.
  • Sixth screen: Proceed further all the way right and at the end you'll notice two adjacent rooms. Take the leftmost one first.
  • Eighth screen: This is the second room connected to the sixth screen. Inside you'll find two chests: on the left AccessorySAMSON RING, on the right ItemREFRESH HERB, return to sixth screen.
  • Sixth screen: Time to venture throught the last room which is in fact a hall leading to a storage room. Now go through.
  • Ninth screen: The hall mentioned above. There's nothing of interest. Proceed forward.
  • Tenth screen: Storage room with three chests. Left one holds ItemINT UP, middle one holds ItemSTONE OF LIFE, and the right one has the skill ISSEN. Return to the second screen.
  • Second screen: Now you can take the way up without any regrets.
  • Eleventh screen: A big, empty room. On the back there are three ways... Take the middle one.
  • Twelfth screen: It's an isolated part holding a chest containing the skill RESURRECT and that's all. Return to screen eleven.
  • Eleventh screen: Well, you know what to do, choose to go right or left, it doesn't matter.
  • Twelfth screen: Get the twelfth and final chest before leaving this room, it contains ArmorPLATINUM BRACELET. Now go up and beat the living daylights out of the geezer bosses.

DLC: Trum Coast

Trum Coast.png

This dungeon is available after completing the second generation and returning to the continent.

  • First screen: Near the midpoint of the screen, jump up the cliff using the step to find a chest containing PS3ItemMITHRIL /XBOX360LSwordZANBATO, head down.
  • Second screen: Continue along the coast to reach the third screen.
  • Third screen: Chest containing PS3ItemMAX HP UP / XBOX360ArmorMAGIC FRAME should be visible on the beach. A beach path that heads down and right towards the ocean leads to an island with PS3ArmorPHANTOM BRACELET /XBOX360ArmorBIRD EYE on it. Return to second screen.
  • Second screen: Head up the cliff and exit up, right to the fourth screen.
  • Fourth screen: Fortress. Take the stairs up and to the left to reach the fifth screen.
  • Fifth screen: Four chests in this small room. PS3 /XBOX360ArmorLUCKY CHARM, PS3SwordPHANTOM SWORD / XBOX360SwordMAULER BLADE, PS3ItemAGI UP / XBOX360ArmorBATTLE FRAME, PS3RodLUNA'S WAND / XBOX360ArmorREQUIEM BRACELET. Return to fourth screen.
  • Fourth screen: Head up and to the right to reach sixth screen.
  • Sixth screen: This brings you back to the beach. Exit this screen to the right.
  • Seventh screen: Last screen. There is one chest containing PS3STAMINA UP+ /XBOX360BreakerDANCING SWORD. Continue right along the coast and jump up the cliff to reach exit.


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