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The City of Aulis

  • Event: Story Related

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Palaminus Lake

  • Event: Lavinia gets soup spilled on her
  • Items Obtained: CG 81 and CG 82
  • Requirement: Before turn 65, Neutral, Lavinia affection level must be at 2 or lower*(**) [***]

(*) I was at affection level 2 and the event wont work. Neutral bar and before turn 65. PC version.

(**) I was at affection level 2 without the event working - using Cheat Engine, I experimented with affection levels between 0 to 2 (0 to 400 as values) based out of a save an event earlier (so that the values would already have been changed when the location of the event spawns on the map). Still nothing. (This worked previously when I missed one of Valeria's events because I messed up a Gen 1 event way early on, meaning edited values can trigger events). I'm at turn 50-something and neutral leaning dark. I'm mainly putting this down to say that it never worked for me ever regardless of her affection levels but also that I was using edited values 1 event before it could trigger which was likely the problem although I can't see how. So beware! And be below 2!

(***) This event is optional as the 9 questions at the end can be chosen to pick up the slack for this event. If you have problems getting this to trigger then don't fret. Look for the change in the question order on the Agarest War True End table.

World Map