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♦:Boss ★:Hidden Dungeon

Ceremonial Gate
┣ 1. Flion Affirmation
┣ Frieseby Rostrum Ruins
┣ 2. Ceremonial Staff V
┗ Orieut Vexation Group
 ┣ West
 ┃┣ 3. Tree of the Holy Cloth
 ┃┣ 4. Pyropodidae Waterway
 ┃┣ A. Sinner's Transept
 ┃┣ ★12. Young Guard
 ┃┗ ★E. Way of the Sacrifice
 ┣ East
 ┃┣ 5. Ceremonial Staff II
 ┃┣ B. Emiluto Undertakers
 ┃┣ ★13. Inquisition Room Site
 ┃┗ ★F. Four Enshrined Heroes
 ┗ North
  ┣ 6. Ceremonial Staff IV
  ┗ C. Inkute Convivial Group
   ┣ West
   ┃┣ 7. Last Meal
   ┃┣ 8. Devices of Execution
   ┃┗ D. Martyr's Redemption
   ┗ East
    ┣ 9. Ceremonial Staff III
    ┣ Wimuto Polity Group
    ┣ 10. Corridor of Gratitude
    ┣ 11. Aphasiac Corridor
    ┣ ♦Trymmer Palace
    ┣ ★14. Place of the Salah
    ┣ ★15. Sacred Consul Room
    ┗ ★G. Meu Shrine Ruins


The bonus part of this dungeon is unlocked if you meet with Gelios in the alley during the Day Phase of the Alegia Coastline Vacation Day.


1. Flion Affirmation: Green Mousse x2-3, Big Eye x2, Bone Soldier x2-3

2. Ceremonial Staff V: Green Mousse x2, Big Eye x2-3, Evil Fiend x1

3. Tree of the Holy Cloth: Salamander x2-3, Bone Soldier x2-3, Earth Knight x2-3

4. Pyropodidae Waterway: Salamander x2-3, Bone Solider x2-3, Earth Knight x2-3

5. Ceremonial Staff II: Cat Lady x2-3, Warlock x2-3, Earth Knight x2-3

6. Ceremonial Staff IV: Green Mousse x2, Big Eye x3, Evil Fiend x1

7. Last Meal: Warlock x3, Earth Knight x3, Evil Fiend x1, Devil Tentacle x1

8. Devices of Execution: Devil Tentacle, Evil Fiend, Warlock x3, Earth Knight x3,

9. Ceremonial Staff III: Salamander x2-3, Bone Soldier x2-3, Earth Knight x2-3

10. Corridor of Gratitude: Devil Tentacle, Salamander x2-3, Cat Lady x2-3, Big Eye x2-3

11. Aphasiac Corridor: Big Eye x2, Cat Lady x2

12. Young Guard: Golem, Mist Dragon, Garm x3, Phantom x3

13. Inquisition Room Site: Mist Dragon x1, Army Bee x4, Cold Gel x3

14. Place of the Salah: Golem x1, Phantom x2, Cold Gel x3

15. Sacred Consul Room: Belladonna, Tyrant, Phantom x2, Cold Gel x3


A. Sinner's Transept: Cross Edge x1, Vanish Strike x1, Darkness Soul x1

B. Emiluto Undertakers: Divine Branch x1, Hawk Eye x1, Sharp Sense x1

C. Inkute Convivial Group: Weapons 2-A, Meteor Impact x1, Earth Soul x1

D. Martyr's Redemption: Weapons 2-B, Essential Arts 14, Light Soul x1

E. Way of the Sacrifice: STR Up x1, Kamaitachi Arm x1

F. Four Enshrined Heroes: Max HP Up x1, Calamity Spike x1

G. Meu Shrine Ruins: Divine Branch x1, Moon Guard x1


Monster Quanity LV HP Drop Raredrop Overkill EX Steal
Golem 2 32 20155/26201

Iron Mass

Lapis Noster

Guard Frame

Sith Ring Can't Steal
Miesha 3 28 2555/3321 Moon Fragment

Lucky Charm

Platinum Bullion

Moonlight Flower Can't Steal