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I ain't gonna blabber 'bout who I am, we don't care 'bout that. I'm just some old belgian creep and a total noob in wikia.

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(I'm reposting this stuff, it was posted when this stupid account had logged out)

Random Stuff

How to exit this goddamn "frozen trees" forest in 3rd-gen

It's awfully simple although if you take the wrong road from the beginning, you can be stuck for hours... Stupid random mazes!

Well, here goes : You enter the place, go left (without changing screen) and take the chest for a "medium equipement 1", then go right, change screen, a huge place, hike the bottom border of the screen, go all the way down, there are two chests. I don't remember what's in there though. Mayve "Secret technique 13" and something else.

Now back to the beginning of the screen, go up, there's an exit leading to a dead end with two chests, one of them holds the Forbidden Book #2

Up to this point, we didn't experience those loop screens-maze.

Back to the entrance of this stage, and go down, to the next screen.

Here, go LEFT... There's a scene and, hurray, you're out of this maze...

I know it looks simple, or it's just me that is REALLY dumb, but take the wrong road once, and you'll experience the "loops", 3 or 4 different screens repeating themselves ad nauseam and you'll have no clue to where you must go or must do... I know, first time I went there I spent HOURS searching for the exit... Because I went left...

How to exit "ice galleria" forest in 3rd-gen :

Plain simple too, but once again, take the wrong road once and you're in for hours of loops.

The first screen is straightforward, so go forward.

Second screen : there are flowers near the point you came from, take a right.

Third screen : go down

Fourth screen : go left. You're out.

I HATE those confusing mazes.

How to exit the desert from the 5th-gen (north end) :

Here is a way... Probably the only way.

1st screen : Go FORWARD (straightforward)

2nd screen : Go UP AND LEFT

3rd screen : Go UP AND LEFT (again)

4th screen : Go UP AND RIGHT

5th screen : Go UP AND RIGHT (again)

6th screen : GO FORWARD (straightforward)

There you are, at the north end, there's a battle to do and an event to see to get a CG with Sharona

How to exit the desert from the 5th-gen (south end) :

There's probably hundreds of ways to get out of here, and I don't know how to get all the chests, I probably got them all wghile I was getting lost, but there's no certainty that my directions will lead you to all the treasure chests of this desert.

Also, they say there's a NORTH and a SOUTH exit. Never found the north one, the south one is where you must go to advance in the story.

So, from the beginning, to the south exit, here is ONE solution :

1st screen : Go FORWARD (straightforward)

2nd screen : Go UP AND LEFT, this is a four ways screen, you're coming from the bottom/left area, the bottom/right is DAMN wrong, the upper right leads to a dead end with chests, the upper left IS the way to go.

3rd screen : Another four ways screen with a cactus in the middle, go UP

4th screen : When you enter the screen there are two ways (and burly small cactuses around you), left and right, and left divides into two ways, but we don't give a damn 'bout left, go RIGHT

5th screen : There's also a burly cactus but it does not seem to be the same place, go UP this time

6th screen : UP we go again

7th screen : Take a LEFT

8th screen : You are in a 4-ways area with broken pillars and a treasure chest, go LEFT again

9th screen : Now you go DOWN, and, well, you're finally out.