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Current Projects

  • Weapon pages: 90% complete. Keep having to go back to the same monsters for crafting materials. Some items are used many times in weapon crafting, and others only a few. When all the item / weapon/ enemy page categories are finished, it will be easier to keep track of these. Also found out that 2 weapons are unobtainable in Normal Mode, the Rods Kounodaki and Cat Punch are Hard Mode only. The only way to get Kounodaki is to EX steal it from Hard Mode Teomedra in the Boundary Plane. The Normal Mode version of him does not have it. As for Cat Punch, you need a Kounodaki to craft it.
  • Monster Fusion: collected most of the relevant data. The most important monsters to note are the ones that are exchangeable for valuable items, or cannot be captured. the_blood_wolf had posted most of this on, and I'm in the process of verifying and updating the section here. Will probably restructure the table at some point. Eventually it would be interesting to see if these could be incorporated into the monster pages in a "Fusion" section, so when you look at a monster's page you can see possible combinations with other monsters, and what it results in.
  • Armor Template and pages: started organizing data in a similar fashion to the Weapon pages. Will need to create a template similar to what exists for Weapons now. If Alice hasn't started this yet I'll try creating a template based of the Weapon one.
  • Accessory Template and pages: Will get to this after Armor Template.
  • Stat bonus effects

This isn't a large enough topic to get its own page. Might be able to find a place for it in the wiki later.

STR 15 90 7 6 ATK 0.5 HIT
VIT 15 45 3 DEF
AGI 15 8 0.5 AVD
INT 15 90 60 6 MAG 4 RST
LUK 15 7 7 0.5 HIT 0.5 AVD

Based on equipped active skills created by converting the basic accessories.

1 point in STR = 6 points ATK , 1/2 point HIT

1 point in VIT = 3 points DEF

1 point in AGI = approximately 1/2 point AVD

1 point in INT = 6 points MAG , 4 points RST

1 point in LUK = approximately 1/2 point HIT , 1/2 point AVD

Completed Projects

Finally finished map diagrams and generation flow graphics!