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About Me

Not much to say really - I'm moreyko on the gamefaq's message boards, and I'm planning to contribute whatever I can to the wiki.

If you've got a message for me, feel free to drop a comment on my talk page.

If you want to contact me privately, or while I'm pouring hours and hours in to this wonderful game, PSN ID: kurz1o

Random Comments

Is it me or is Yayoi awesome? It's annoying I'll have to shell out over a million gold to get her back later, not to mention in an underlevelled state... Oh well.

I have a feeling I've missed Valeria, but maybe not. Oops? Actually, I now have her. Watch her never see use...

Also, Execution is plain silly. 40+TP a battle...

Must try: Double Edge + Cross Edge + Square Cross + Power Attack + Meteor Impact + Deadly Blow

Yayoi is awesome, finally bought her back.She's easily as good as/better than Ellis (ignoring the silly range Regeneration gives Ellis).

Alberti dual-wields? Too awesome.