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Character EX Exhibition Complete

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Yesterday around 4am.... (yes I should of been sleeping) I got this awesome thought of doing a EX move video. Sooo going with the flow I managed to cap all of leonhardt's ex moves and beatrice's. If you guy's have some awesome music you think that will fit the video, send me a message, ill google them. Anyways im about 10% i say with the capping of ex moves. Im also gonna be doing the joint one's as well probably span over 20-30mins. Ill put it onto youtube in 10mins segments. Characters Done.

Leonhardt, Ellis, Borgnine, Vira-Lorr, Fyuria, Zerva, Luana, Winfield, Ellaine, Yayoi, Hildegarde, Beatrice, Murmina.   13/38.

Will update with progress as I go. - Ameki

  • 38/38 characters Ex move's complete. Working on Joint EX move's, 14/60 complete. Starting to compile Character Ex move's into video file.
  • 33/38 characters Ex move's complete. Still recieved no suggestions on music.