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As Everyone knows (Or did not know) Im currently the new admin as Alice In Game has gone MIA. Im attempting to add the new infomation for Agarest War Zero into the Front page, so we do not get Agarest War 1 and Zero mix into the same pages. For now if you have seen this is the first beta attempt to add it. Please note this is most likely not the final version and if i must i will rollback it to what Alice in game had it. As you can see tehr eis some blank pages and other things suchs as that. Please if you can contribute add the pages and add the infomation we need in them. Thank you in advance.

True End Guide

It is Done, Complete, you get everyone, yea yea yea. Same with Agarest War 2, when ti comes out.


Does anyone have any suggestions? I'll take them into account and see if i can adjust them and fit them in.