"You shall see firsthand the strength of those who you would call cowards!"
Vashtor (CV: Toshiyuki Kusuda)
Full name: Vashtor Family  
CG Vashtor
Race: Gurg (Larva) Unknown
Generation: Second Generation
Joins at: Grugund Kingdom
Age: ??? (Physical Age: 26)
Height: 188cm (6'2)

A mysterious warrior whose lost his memory, Vashtor was left stranded on a beach when a young Ladius found him. He made a promise to teach Ladius until he recovers his memory. Vashtor has no recollections of where he came from or what he has done. The only memory remaining is that his sword skill is incomparable and no one in Graccea can match him. In fact, Vashtor is considered to be the biggest threat to House Busser. His fame has spread throughout the continents and other countries. Vashtor never hesitates to use his sword against those people he considers his enemies, even if they used to be his comrades. A feared warrior, Vashtor has earned the name "Crimson Fang."




Vashtor's Agarest Zero Appearance

Vashtor's appearance before being corrupted

Vashtor once served as a commander for the forces of light alongside his fellow larvae, Azrest and Giganda, and with the young human Sieghart, who was once an official under his command. Due to his achievements, he had the complete support of the Gods and his only superior, Eleazal. When Sieghart was ordered to gain the necessary materials to create a key to release Hass Calinou from his prison, he and Vashtor met up on numerous occasions, now as equals in position, and close friends.

Years after the sacrifice of Sieghart and the three maidens with him, Vashtor acted as mentor to Sieghart's son Leonis. After hearing Leonis' dismay of attacking Findeste to end the war. Vashtor came to believe that he was too softhearted to be a warrior, just like his father, he also thought that the day he would surpass Sieghart would come soon. After that, Vashtor started coughing violently, but he dismissed it as a simple illness, saying that Larvae are just as prone to disease as mortals while in the physical world.

Vashtor and Ernesto were discussing the attack on Findeste that would be the end of the long war, Vashtor spoke out and said that they should strike at Findeste to finish the conflict. However, Ernesto replied simply by saying this was the beginning and that the true battle begins now. Moments later, Giganda appears before the two, clad in the armor of a gurg due to the Gem of Might. Vashtor didn't recognize Giganda at first, but after hearing his voice realized it was him under the black armor. When Ernesto said he granted Vashtor power greater than the Gods themselves, Vashtor asked if Ernesto has fallen into the darkness, but he counters by saying that the darkness is under his control, Ernesto used the gem to corrupt Vashtor. The Gem at first failed to work on Vashtor, due to him resisting it's powers but ultimately, he was overwhelmed by the power emitted from the gem. His physical appearance changed, but he still maintained his sense of identity, and would soon prove to be a powerful force against those he once fought for.

After his defeat, Vashtor asked Leonis to destroy him, or else he will be reborn without any sense of his identity and will kill thousands of lives later on. Leonis refused, saying he will fight him over a thousand times if he must, and before leaving defeat to Mila, told him to repent for the sins he committed. With his last breath, Vashtor lamented his soon to be fate as a mindless puppet, and mourned the loss of his heart. Before being sealed away, his last thoughts were of how he could possibly repent for the lives he ended.


Vashtor's Claymore:

Gem of Might:

Powers and Abilities

Character Stats

Starting level: 18
Class: Crimson Fang
New class: Dread Knight
Weapons: Sword, Greatsword
Role in party: Warrior
Skill Slots


General General
General General
Power Power
Power Power
Class change


Dark Dark
Neutral Extra
Rank Base Statistic Class Change Bonus
STR A 34 0
VIT A 33 0
AGI D 18 8
INT C 21 8
LUK E 20 9
AP 15 5
MOV 3 1
HP 1606 1500
Extended area
x : Character
■ : Extended area
Will Power
Blocks counterattacks.

Learns at LV18

Aura of Leadership
Activated after accumulating more than 100 SP. Increases accuracy and evasion rate of the characters within the extended area by 30%.

Learns at LV18

Total Resistance
Increases resistance all status ailments.

Learns at LV28

Last Power
Activated when at less than 25% of max HP. Substantially increases physical damage and defense.

Learns at LV62

Extra Skills
Tusk Blade
Intensive sword attack enhanced by the power of darkness.
Type: General General
150 0 1 1117 0 - 18 50 1 0
Dark Fear
A unique spell that drains the target of their HP by saturating the enviroment with fear and pain.
Type: Dark Dark
300 0 1 3650 0 Dark 32 100 4 0
Crux Judgement (Crucifixion)
Vashtor's ultimate technique. It draws in a sinner, and judges their very existence in a magical square of judgement and agony.
Type: General General
600 0 1 7350 0 - 50 250 3 0