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  • EA - Extended field. Party members in the character's "extended area" are affected by the willpower.
  • Passive - These willpowers are always activated.
  • Active - These willpowers activate once the HP or SP condition is met.
  • Willpowers underlined and in italics are only found on bosses.
  • Willpowers are earned after a character levels up, upon spending the earned status points,
    they are not dependent on status point allocation as the order would have one think.


Willpower Effect ExA
Ambition +30 SP each turn
Anticipation (EU:Mikiri) Blocks counterattacks
Blessing +50% XP & EP gain
Discovery +Item drop rate *
Energy +AP gain *
Exertion +25% XP *
Feat of Agility +Steal rate *
Fortune +25% EP gain *
Float Negates certain skills, burst, and directional effects
Full Vigilance Negates burst and directional effects *
Heavenly Sense +Item drop and steal rate
Poaching +Capture rate *
Potential +Bonus points when leveling
Resolve (Bullishness) +5 SP every turn
Spirit +5 SP every turn *
Total Resistance +Resistance to status ailments
Unlimited Substantial +AP gain



Willpower Effect ExA
Desperate Strength +Damage and Defense
Last Power Substantial +Damage and Defense
Magic Barrier Ignores non absolute hit magic
Magic Madness +Magic and Magic Defense
Parry Ignores non absolute hit physical attacks
Unleash All Substantial +Damage, Defense, Magic, and Magic Defense
Unleash Magic Substantial +Magic and Magic Defense
Unleash True Force Substantial +Damage, Defense, Magic, and Magic Defense


Willpower Effect ExA
Concentration +30% Accuracy and Evasion


Willpower Effect ExA
Accuracy All physical attacks become absolute hit
Aura of Leadership +30% Accuracy and Evasion *
Hunter +Critical and Capture rate
Kill Switch +Accuracy and Critical Rate
Qigong Negates damage = levelx3
Satori +50% Accuracy and Evasion


Willpower Effect ExA
Anti-Magic Shield +Magic Defense *
Aura of Command +30% Accuracy and Evasion *
Block Magic +Magic Defense
Genius 20%-25% reduction to using skills
Guard +Defense
Mind's Eye +Accuracy and Critical rate *
Unity +Defense *


Willpower Effect ExA
Amplify +Magic Damage *
Anger +Physical Damage
Critical Break +Magic Damage
Thrust +Physical Damage *

Character's Willpower

Characters Willpower Chart
Leonhart 10:Unleash_All 16:Energy 24:Parry ##:Genius
Fyuria 5:Resolve 16:Anger ##:Thrust 49:Unleash_Magic
Luana ##:Heavenly_Sense ##:Accuracy ##:Kill_Switch ##:Energy
Elaine ##:Aura/Command ##:Guard ##:Genius ##:Kill_Switch
Ellis ##:Blessing ##:Amplification #:Magic_Barrier 40:Critical_Break
Borgnine 12:Qigong 24:Total_Resistance ##:Desperate_Strength 48:Spirit
Vira-Lorr ##:Satori 19:Anti-Magic_Shield ##:Critical_Break 45:Magic_Barrier
Zerva 9:Hunter 21:Block_Magic 46:Critical_Break 51:Unity
Winfield ##:Feat/Agility 21:Accuracy 39:Block_Magic 67:Last_Power
Ladius 18: Resolve

18: Parry

53: Anticipation (Not-Promoted)

53: Anger (Promoted)

54: Desperate Strength (Not-Promoted)

54: Unleash All (Promoted)

Ladius (Elaine) 18: Resolve 18: Genius
Valeria 28: Resolve 28: Anger 28: Thrust 43: Satori
Yayoi 22: Anti-Magic Shield ##: Magic Barrier ##: Critical Break 53: Genius
Sherufanir 25: Discovery 25: Hunter 25: Parry ##: Unleash Magic
Vashtor 18: Anticipation 18: Aura/Leadership 28: Total Resistance ##: Last Power
Arbol 24: Total Resistance 24: Full Vigilance ##: Guard ##: Unleash Magic
Sharona 28: Aura/Leadership 28: Anger ##: Satori ##: Unleash Magic
Thoma (Valeria) ##: Resolve ##: Genius

52: Anticipation (Not_Promoted)

52: Kill Switch (Promoted)

55: Desperate Strength (Not_Promoted

55: Unleash All (Promoted)

Thoma (Yayoi) ##: Genius ##: Total Resistance

52: Block Magic (Not_Promoted)

52: Magic Barrier (Promoted)

55: Satori (Not_Promoted)

55; Unleash All (Promoted)

Thoma (Sherufanir) ##: Genius ##: Parry

52: Satori (Not_Promoted)

52: Unleash All (Promoted)

55: Kill Switch (Not_Promoted)

55: Accuracy (Promoted)

Lavinia ##: Resolve ##: Anger ##: Spirit ##: Block Magic
Faina 38: Blessing 38: Magic Barrier ##: Amplify '50: Cr'itical Break
Noah 40: Exertion 40: Anticipation 40: Heavenly Sense ##: Desperate Strength
Plum 40: Potential 40: Fortune 40: Block 50: Critical Break
Ganz ##: Resolve ##: Discovery ##: Anger 46: Guard


42: Anticipation 42: Aura/Command 42: Parry ##: Kill Switch
Duran (Lavinia) ##: Resolve ##: Total Resistance

52: Mikiri (Not_Promoted)

52: Parry (Promoted)

55: Unleash Magic (Not_Promoted)

55: Unleash All (Promoted)

Duran (Faina) ##: Total Resistance ##: Magic Barrier

52: Anticipation (Not_Promoted)

52: Critical Break (Promoted)

55: Block Magic (Not_Promtoed)

55: Unleash All (Promoted)

Duran (Noah) ##: Total Resistance ##: Potential

52: Anticipation (Not_Promoted)

52: Accuracy (Promoted)

52: Guard (Not_Promoted)

  • Brides may affect outcome here

55: Qigong (Not_Promoted) 

55: Desperate Strength (Not_Promoted)

55: Unleash All (Promoted)

Hildegard ##: Resolve ##: Unity ##: Desperate Strength ##: Kill Switch
Silvi ##: Float ##: Kill Switch ##: Mind's Eye 52: Desperate Strength
Ryuryu ##: Genius ##: Block Magic ##: Amplify ##: Critical Break
Qua ##: Anticipation ##: Hunter ##: Anger 52: Energy
Fer ##: Heavenly Sense ##: Full Vigilance ##: Hunter ##: Blessing
Reverie ##: Hunter ##: Fortune ##: Unleash Magic 60: Qigong
Rex (Hildegard) ##: Potential ##: Resolve
Rex (Ryuryu) ##: Potential  ##: Total Resistance
Rex (Silvi) ##: Float ##: Genius
Dyshana 62: Total Resistance 62: Anti-Magic Shield 62: Magic Barrier 62: Critical Break
Beatrice ##: Parry ##: Kill Switch ##: Mind's Eye 64: Qigong
 Murmina ##: Float ##: Exertion ##: Desperate Strength ##: Accuracy

Complimenting Combinations


To increase your Action Points (AP) to a maximum level every turn, then you should try to team up some of these characters:

  1. Leonhart (Energy) (Genius)
  2. Luana (Energy)
  3. Qua (Energy)

Add these characters to the fray and watch multiple combos unfold due to "Genius" reducing the amount of AP necessary to use skills

  • Elaine (Genius)
  • Ladius (Wed Elaine) (Genius)
  • Thoma (All) (Genius)
  • Ryuryu (Genius)
  • Rex (Wed Silvi) (Genius)
  • NOTE: Leonhart, Luana, Elaine, Fyuria all coordinate with EX Combo attacks
    • (Genesis_Blaze:  Leonhart3+Elaine3+Fyuria3+Luana3) *
    • (Rainbow_Stream:  Fyuria2+Elaine3+Luana2) *
    • (Stardust_Fall:  Fyuria3+Luana2+Ellis3) *
    • (Planet_Arrow:  Luana3+Elaine2+Vira-Lorr3) *
    • (Traitorous_Avenger:  Winfield3+Elaine3+Zerva3+Leonhardt3)
    • (Lost_Infiniti: Ellis3+Leonhardt3+Dyshana3)
    • (A-End: Borgnine3+Leonhardt3+Winfield3+Ellis3+Vira-Lorr3+Zerva3)
(Note to self: Elite AP Party: Leonhardt+Luana+Fyuria+Elaine+Ellis+Vira-Lorr) (side note: obviously Qua, with the skill energy is also a great pick, however, due to the combination Ex attacks, The previously mentioned party has many more combinations. Or substitute Ellis for Qua, because there is only one combination that Ellis can participate in.)


To increase your SP as quick as possible try using a combination of some of these characters:====

  1. Borgnine (Spirit)
  2. Lavinia (Spirit) (Resolve)
  3. Fyuria (Resolve)
  4. Valeria (Resolve)
  5. Ladius (Resolve)
  6. Thoma (Wed Valeria) (Resolve)
  7. Ganz (Resolve)
  8. Hildegard (Resolve)
  9. Rex (Wed Hildegard)
NOTE: Some likely EX-combo's to use with some of these characters
(Note to self: Elite SP party: Borgnine, Lavinia, Thoma, Noah, Faina, (Winfield or Qua)

====Drop Rate and Theft Rate+

To Increase theft rates in order to get more gold use these characters in combination together:====

Be sure to equip the skill "Steal"

By obtaining title 57 you can recycle "+Item Drop Rate" active skill and attach to these characters to further increase the loot.

  1. Winfield (Feat of Agility)
  2. Luana (Heavenly Sense)
  3. Sherufanir (Discovery)
  4. Noah (Heavenly Sense)
  5. Ganz (Discovery)
  6. Fer (Heavenly Sense)

Level UP+

To increase leveling speed use these characters in combination together

Also be sure to equip characters with the"Prayer" skill to further increase EXP gain

  1. Ellis (Blessing)
  2. Faina (Blessing)
  3. Fer (Blessing)
  4. Noah (Exertion)
  5. Murmina (Exertion)
  6. Plum (Potential, not really an experience multiplier, but increases stat gain per level, so plum is complimented by this team well)
  7. Duran (Wed Noah) (Potential)
  8. Rex (Wed Hildegard or Ryuryu) (Potential)

====EP UP+

To increase EP gain after every battle, make sure to use some of these characters====

  1. Ellis (Blessing)
  2. Faina (Blessing)
  3. Fer (Blessing)
  4. Plum (Fortune)
  5. Reverie (Fortune)

Magic Barrier Build

To institute an army of magicians who become impervious to magic at <25% HP, 

Also consider adding skills and gears that increase evasion, or avoid certain physical attacks altogether, such as Float.

  1. Vira-Lorr (Magic Barrier, Anti-Magic Shield)
  2. Yayoi (Magic Barrier, Anti-Magic Shield
  3. Dyshana (Magic Barrier, Anti-Magic Shield)
  4. Ellis (Magic Barrier)
  5. Thoma ( wed Yayoi) (Magic Barrier)
  6. Faina (Magic Barrier)
  7. Duran (wed Faina) (Magic Barrier)

Party Parry Build

Consider using this build if you are trying to use physical fighters and want to round out the edges against physical defense.

Add items and active skills that increase resist+

  1. Ladius (Parry)
  2. Sherufanir (Parry)
  3. Thoma (Wed Sherufanir) (Parry)
  4. Alberti (Parry) (Aura/Command will increase party evasion in ExA)
  5. Beatrice (Parry)

Consider adding these members to help compliment this build.


To promote a party with extremely High evasion, try using a compliment of these characters

  1. Silvi (Float will dodge many physical attacks)
  2. Rex (Wed Silvi) (Float will dodge many physical attacks) (Parry will dodge all physical attacks that aren't absolute hits)
  3. Murmina (Float)
  4. Elaine (Aura/Command will increase parties' evasion in extended area)
  5. Vira-Lorr (Satori will only increase her evasion)
  6. Ladius (Parry will dodge all physical attacks that aren't absolute hits when character is below 25% hp)
  7. Valeria (Satori will only increase her evasion)
  8. Sherufanir (Parry will dodge all physical attacks that aren't absolute hits when character is below 25% hp)
  9. Vashtor (Aura/Leadership will increase parties' evasion in extended area)
  10. Sharona (Aura/Leadership will increase parties' evasion in extended area)
  11. Thoma (Wed Sherufanir) (Parry will dodge all physical attacks that aren't absolute hits when character is <25% hp)
  12. Alberti (Aura/Command will increase parties' evasion in extended area)(Parry will dodge all physical attacks that aren't absolute hits when character is <25% hp)
  13. Beatrice (Parry)

Physical Damage+

To Increase Physical Damage on your team, try using a compliment of characters like these:

  1. Fyuria (Thrust) (Anger)
  2. Valeria (Thrust) (Anger)
  • Sharona (Anger)
  • Ganz (Anger)
  • Lavinia (Anger)
  • Qua (Anger)


To Increase team defense, use a compliment of characters like this:

Combine this with an evasion team or team members with skills such as Guard, Qigong, Parry, Desperate Strength, Last Power, Unleash All in order to acheive a team that is impervious to physical attacks.  Or try the opposite, combine this with a team that is impervious to magic skills in order to round out the defenses and make a solid team ready to undertake any challenge.  Some of those anti magic skills are: Anti-Magic Shield, Block Magic, Magic Barrier, Magic Madness, Unleash Magic, and Unleash All

  1. Zerva (Unity)
  2. Hildegard (Unity)


One of the advantageous weapons in this game is definitely the gun.  Because it can shoot three squares away, it can prevent counter attacks, and it will shoot through three enemies, effectively allowing your team to kill enemies in the crossfire.  Here are the characters that use guns in the game:

  1. Winfield
  2. Ladius*(Wed Fyuria with a "Like" attribute, not "love")
  3. Thoma*(Wed Luana, Sherufanir)
  4. Hildegard
  5. Rex*(Wed Fyuria, Valeria, Noah, Ryuryu)*(Wed Fyuria, Sherufanir, Noah, Ryuryu)*(Wed Luana, Valeria, Noah, Hilda)*(Wed Luana, Sherufanir, Lavinia, Hilda)*(Wed Luana, Sherufanir, Noah, Hilda)*(Elaine, Valeria, Noah, Ryuryu)
  6. Murmina

Physical/Magical Combo

Now this section describes characters who use Ex-Art Skills that can cause physical and magical damage at the same time.  The reason for such combinations is because you can overcome an adversity of elements, from enemies that use Parry to enemies that use Magic-Barrier.

  • Fyuria 
  • Luana
  • Arbol
  • Sherufanir
  • Sharona
  • Lavinia *(All Ex Skills are duo)
  • Silvi
  • Reverie

This section has been continued under the strategies section...