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Basic Information

Yulishee are Agarest's versions of merfolk, or mermaids. They appear to have human shape with fin like ears and a variety of skin and hair color with smooth skin. As expected, they live underwater in seas or lakes. Because of this they have no single living area, as they are spread across the oceans, but come together in one area usually near a lake or sea to communicate and govern their race. This is called a colom. They are an peaceful race that normally don't fight against the other races (Reverie being an exception). The Yulishee colom have strict rules, and those that break those rules are made to leave the colom. As expected they are a race that uses water as their main magic.

Being an Aquatic race the Yulishee feel more at ease in the water than on land; through they are perfectly capable of living on land as well. Also since they spent most of their lives underwater; Yulishees generally wear thin, transparent clothing on the surface; and handcrafted schalchops to cover their private areas in the water

Playable Characters

Agarest Yulishee Party Members


Full Yulishee

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Agarest Zero Yulishee Party Members

There is no playable Yulishee in Agarest Zero

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There is no playable Yulishee In Agarest 2

Non-Playable Characters

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